Import course data

A teacher can copy course activities and resources of one course to the  other using the Import action.

1.From your course homepage under Administration>Settings, click on the Import link:  
2.Select the course you wish to import from and click Continue.3.You will be presented with the “backup settings” page. Use the check boxes for import activities, blocks and/or filters as types of items which will show on the next screen.  
4.Select the elements you want to include in the import in the Schema settings step.  
5.Review and click Perform import. The confirmation page will place green check marks and red marks next to the backup settings you selected.  An item list will be shown for you to review.   
6.You should see the “Import complete” message if the process was successful. Click continue to return to the course.”  


Start BB Collaborate from your Moodle course

1. On the course home page, click Turn editing on

2. In the appropriate section, click Add an activity, and select Elluminate Live!  Session from the drop-down list.

3. On the Adding a new Elluminate Live!  Session page, under General:

  • Enter a Title.
  • Add a Session Type, and a Custom Group Session Name or Session Name as applicable.
  • Enter a Description of what will be covered in the session.
  • Complete the remaining sections of the page (under Restrict access, the access times may be particularly important).
  • Click Save and return to course.


4. On the course home page, click the link for the new Blackboard Collaborate session.

5. On the Moodle session page, click Join Session. Blackboard Collaborate launches in a new window.

How can I backup my courses before being removed from the system?

1.Click on the course you need to backup from your Moodle Main Page.
2.From the Settings block, click on Backup 
3.Follow the backup wizard:

  • Under Initial Settings:you can include activities,  blocks and filters options. click Next to continue
  • Under Schema Settings:  all or part of your course materials could be selected.The system excludes any related user data.  Click Next
  • Under Confirmation and Review: This page confirms all previous selections and displays the backup file name. Click Perform Backup to continue
  • When the backup file is successfully created,  then you have reached the end of your Backup Wizard steps.Click Continue to download your backup file to your machine
4.From this page, you can manage your backup files, save it to your machine, flash memory, or external drive.  

I need to copy course content of my previous semester into a course I am currently teaching?

1. You will need to restore the course you have previously taught, to select the material you wish to use in your current course.
2. Your previous course should be backed up and stored as a .mbz file on your computer. If you don’t have the file stored, kindly fill in this form.
3. Then follow the steps below

1.Login to your Moodle Account
2.Choose the course you wish to restore content to
3.Click Restore under the Settings block
4.From Import a Backup file option, click on choose a file…  
5.From the File Picker, click Upload a File and browse your machine for the backed up course.  Select it, then press Upload this file
6.After the file is being selected, click the Restore button
7. Follow the Wizard steps

  • Confirm tab:  shows you content of your backedup course
  • Destination tab: choose Restore into this course option, if you wish to move the content into the course you are currently in.  Choose the Restore into an existing course, if you wish to restore into another Moodle course.
  • Click Next to continue
  • Inthe Review tab, review the files and content that you will restore and click Perform Restore
  • When you reach the Complete tab, your selected content will appear in your existing course.