The Independent

The Independent is an independent, student run newspaper at the American University in Cairo (AUC). The University does not publish The Independent or influence its content, nor is it responsible for the opinions expressed in The Independent.

The Independent was founded in the fall of 2009, following the creation of the press law. Starting March 13, 2011, The Independent became a weekly newspaper coming out every Monday during the academic year except in recesses. The Independent also publishes “المستقلة“ – the Arabic version of the paper.

The Independent offers free single copies to all the AUC community members.

Our goals include:
a) to report and comment on news and issues pertinent to the university community in accordance with fair and professional journalistic practice and ethics
b) to provide an open forum to members of the university community for the exchange of ideas and opinions
c) to publish creative and entertaining essays, reviews, feature stories, artwork and other editorial matter of interest to the university community
d) to provide practical journalistic experience to AUC students, regardless of major.

The Independent retains the right to refuse publishing any article, column, blog, letters, op-ed, caricature, or other content that is in contradiction with its purpose in either The Independent online or the newspaper.

The Independent is produced by a very dedicated, volunteer AUC students. Students from all years are welcomed to join The Independent as reporters, columnists, or staff members, and all members of the AUC community are welcomed to send submissions and letters to the editor.

Submissions & Letters

Written submissions need to be 300-700 words, for both the Independent newspaper and the Independent online. Letters should be limited to 300 words. Letters and submissions will be edited for spelling, grammar and malicious and libelous statements. Both MUST be the original work of the writer. Submissions which are in a format(s) other than words will be assessed as they come in.

We as well welcome articles from freelance reporters amongst the AUC student body.

Submissions, articles and letters could preferably be sent to independent@aucegypt.edu or dropped off at the office, Campus Center room 1004.  Please kindly provide your full name, univesity ID number and your type of affliation to AUC on all submitted works.


To report corrections please e-mail us at independent@aucegypt.edu

The Independent online

The Independent online website has been developed and is maintained by volunteer students at AUC.