AUC votes camp black victory in Student Union elections

Taher and Nezar Campaign Poster

By: Nada Yasser

Taher Motaz-Bellah  won by a majority vote of 52.5% during the Student Union (SU) presidential elections at the American University in Cairo (AUC) on May 3rd.

There was low turn out to the event that would decide the next Student Union president for the next two semesters. Students stood in line at their respective polling stations and presented their Student ID to submit their votes for the elections.

Judicial Court members, Farid El-Sehrawy and Hedayat Selim told the Independent:

“The electoral process went smoothly this year due to a thorough and comprehensive electoral code. It was drafted by the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission, which contains representatives from the student senate and the court. There were a few violations, which resulted in minor deductions in the vote count for certain candidates.”

The results of the elections came as a surprise to many.

“We were expecting a run-off between the two highest candidates, but Taher earned a simple majority vote,” commented Selim and El-Sehrawy

This show of confidence had many members of the AUC community optimistic that change may happen at AUC.

“Thank you for … your support, but now is not the time for congratulations, the time for them are in a year, so that we could have done something,” said Motaz-Bellah.

Many people are not as optimistic about the election of an SU president from the Black Camp, due to the incident involving Hesham Shafiq a few semesters ago. Shafiq was impeached by the senate and voted to be dismissed by the student body.

“I’m not against Taher… The fact that he wants to transfer the revolution from the square to the institutions,” commented Salma AlBarkouky, one of the campaigners of candidate Aly Zeineldin.

“He [Motaz-Bellah ] is supported by a camp that already has too much power,” added AlBarkouky

“Anyone holding the position naturally makes some mistakes, and now we must learn from all the mistakes in the past, not just those of Hesham Shafiq… Its only natural