What Happened to People?

By Heba Bahnassy

Heba Bahnassy COPY EDITOR

Jesus’ golden rule in the Sermon on the Mount was to treat people how we wanted to be treated. How many of us are really doing that? The more I deal with people, the more I find myself confused with their nature. I am shocked to find that people, in general, no longer take into consideration others’ feelings. Lately, I have heard numerous complaints of how people are constantly changing, to the worse; they put, above all, their own benefits and disregard everyone else.  On their way to getting what is in their own benefit, they can step on anyone. Therefore, people end up getting hurt. Why would you build something on fake or stolen ground?

What’s happening today is contrary to what used to happen in the old days; what I used to hear from older family members is that if your neighbor needed help, everyone would have been there helping. How many of us these days even speak to our neighbors? Family and friends used to have very close unbreakable ties. Look at how they are now; friends and family are jealous and, as I have stated earlier, the sick minded of them, will do anything to sabotage you. It’s unbelievable how time can change attitude.

If we cannot keep our relationships pure, then this is a bad sign for all of us. Truly, we must try to be less fake, less hateful , more honest and accepting of the people around us.