A Night with Khayrat’s Music Charm

By: Heba Bahnassy

Omar Khayrat at the MBA Grand Opening. Photo by Heba Bahnassy.

On Friday March 23, the Model Business Association (MBA) held its first grand opening, featuring Omar Khayrat and his band members, who rocked the night at AUC Bassily Hall, New Cairo campus.

The event started off with a documentary about MBA, after which the vice president Passant Seyam spoke her opening words, and introduced the president of MBA, Muhammad Al Fatteh. Al Fatteh welcomed the audience to MBA’s “first grand opening”. He stated that he wanted everyone that night to go home with a message; that “if there is a will, there is always a way.” Next, a video of the crew was played, introducing the rest of the organization members to the audience.

MBA was established on May 12th, 2011. The organization comprises three segments: finance, marketing, and management. It allows students to come up with business solutions for real life situations through case studies. MBA also plans trips, concerts, and conferences.

Later on, Omar Khayrat was announced to come on stage, stirring up the crowds who started their cheering at his appearance, which seemed to have taken a little longer than the anxious audience expected, as the instruments were being set in place.

Khayrat’s set started with a mellow song, followed by an upbeat one that energized the crowd with the “tabla” and xylophone. At some point, one of Khayrat’s band members, on the keyboard, looked as if he was about to leave his instrument and start dancing on his own! By the third song, the audience was completely engaged and everyone was clapping.

Khayrat’s music definitely knew how to captivate the audience. Samia El Khodary, one of the attendees and a sophomore at AUC, stated that the atmosphere of this concert can only be found in Egypt, and nowhere else because of the way people clap to the beat. Similarly, Maie Kandeel, a sophomore at AUC, explained her admiration of the oriental persona of the music. Abdel Rahman Nassar, another member of the audience, explained to The Independent that that was the first time he’d ever listened to Khayrat’s music; “I appreciate his taste in music! The only problem was that the concert took long to get started.”

It was only after the fifteen-minute break that the audience truly went wild.  One audience member even screamed “I love you!” to which Khayrat replied by blowing a kiss.

After the concert was over and the audience gone, Al Fatteh congratulated his crew, “I would’ve never dreamed of this. I’m ready to organize this event several times over again to see people learn something.” The organization members were as proud and overjoyed as he was. “It was a lot better than I expected. I would never have imagined the turnout”, Marwa Abdelaty, a logistics member at MBA, explained her delight at the event that was made into a success by the crew’s hard work and Omar Khayrat’s outstanding performance.