yourturn: ‘What you Resist, Persists.’

By: Khaled Adeeb

Adolf Hitler; a master of propaganda, known to be able to, in a single speech, own the minds of millions and convince them of things they never thought they would slightly consider. Now, this obviously does not mean im comparing the man im about to talk about to Adolf Hitler, I mean c’mon Hitler had a much more trendy and creative choice of facial hair. Say what you will about the man I am about to mention, love him or hate him, but what we can all say, is that he is good at marketing himself.

It seems that Egypt has been witnessing a bizarre nationwide phenomenon going by the name of “Hazem Salah Abu Ismail”. This phenomenon has been known to take the form of posters depicting said persona, plastered on every empty surface in the country (apparently we have much more of those than we thought).  Of course, Egyptians being the jokesters that they are have been seizing this opportunity to come up with a steady flow of jokes and comic rages about the posters. The result: more posters. It seems that it has slipped the minds of many that by distributing comic rages, pictures and jokes online allows for Mr. Abu Ismail’s posters to be even more widely viewed (and honestly we have enough visual pollution as it is, this is by no means a pretty sight to look at!) My dear fellow Egyptians, although I have had a good number of laughs at your attempts of mocking this presidential candidate (yes, sad truth), I feel it is my duty to remind you of the term “all publicity is good publicity”.

I urge all of us to realize the damage we are doing. You would be surprised how many people see the amount of attention that’s given to these posters and actually begin caring who this person is. So to those of you who support him, may the power of all that is holy be with you, and to those who don’t, stop helping the guy!

And remember, in the words of coach Mark Mineart “what you resist, persists”.