yourturn: Litter

“littering is never okay, and it doesn’t matter the size of the object”

By: Nada Yasser- POLS Junior

When it comes to helping others, I believe that it is our role as the future of Egypt to promote different causes in the changing times that we live in today. The topic I feel like writing about at the moment is the issue of littering. For starters, let me just say that littering is never okay. It doesn’t matter the size of the object, they can walk to the nearest kiosk to ask for a garbage can. If there is one thing Egypt has in abundance, it’s kiosks.


Here in Egypt, we suffer from the laziness of some that claim that it is okay to throw garbage bags anywhere. This is simply because someone else has his own pile of trash in the middle of the street.  Besides the fact that the garbage makes the sidewalk look ugly, the smell is beyond horrific. This is of course without mentioning the street animals that scatter the remains of the garbage in order to look for food. Therefore, a bigger mess is made. I highly doubt anyone walks in the streets of Egypt and is satisfied with the view. We need to start making changes. As cliché as this will sound, and as Ghandi explained, “be the change you want to see in the world”.  You shouldn’t  just be concerned with littering in your own country; fight littering everywhere!


I’m not saying that everyone litters; there are few who actually believe that trash belongs in the garbage can, and not anywhere else. All I am asking is that the next time you have a piece of trash in your hand, wait for the next place with a garbage can. It is there that your garbage should be thrown away.


Since we are in a time of revolution, I feel that the cause would appeal to people more if a link can be made. A revolution is not simply a change in politics; it has to be a change in the individual. It should be a positive change in a person’s habits, and from that, a change can be made that will benefit all of Egypt. The moral of the whole story is: don’t throw trash on the sidewalk. This is the first basic step in beautifying our country.