I Resign!

A Word We Usually Hear Around Campus


I spent four years studying at this university, yet I cannot count the number of times I  heard the words “I resign” or “I want to quit work”. It is evident that there is a sense of unwillingness to do any sort of work whatsoever.

A few weeks ago, I went to meet someone from the Career Advising and Placement Services office; after a little bit of chat with that person, she explained to me how companies who hire AUC-ians complain from the quality AUC produces. These companies claim that  students from other universities are more active than a regular AUC-ian.

My question is, how did we end up like this? This university is said to have shaped many prominent figures, and produced top-notch graduates. It has been brought to my attention that this is not the case anymore.

Some, if not most, AUC-ians became so lazy to the extent that they strive to maintain a fair grade with minimum efforts. These students even stopped becoming part of extra curricular activities, those that are considered the most fulfilling in terms of practical and/or academic experience.

I do not think it is fair to judge student apathy on campus, but it is undeniable that it became so apparent that most activities on campus strive to find someone to fit any job requirement. Even here at The Independent, although strangely all are very enthusiastic and hard working, we were never able to achieve a complete team and most suffer similar dilemmas.

Last summer I got a taste from the real world, I experienced a death of a beloved and went out to find work. After searching here and there, I discovered that the world is not pretty. AUC-ians are not the most prepared, and you will always find competition. Yes! You will always find someone who is better than you. Because of this experience, I chose to challenge myself by preparing to manage something such as this paper.

Here I am editor-in-chief of this newspaper, I am doing what I can to be able to teach myself how to make use of what I am capable of. I felt that I should share this with my friend and colleagues, and ask them to make use of the tools they own.

Dear AUC community, life is not all about achieving the highest grade point average or studying well for a midterm or a final, but rather trying to earn knowledge and experience from every opportunity that presents itself.

You must keep in mind that not many people are as lucky as you are, yet they strive hard to create someone out of themselves who might be of importance and worth.

If the world cannot make use of you, then you are useless. This is my message!