CRIBS: Rhetoric Professor Shows us his Nature Inspired Office



Most student-professor relationships rarely go beyond the classroom, making it difficult for students to get to know their instructors on a more personal level.

Those who are familiar with MTV’s Cribs, wouldn’t be strangers to the lavish houses and extreme décor. In an attempt to introduce the lives of our own professors, The Independent has created its very own AUC Cribs, which will be on the lookout for professors with interesting offices.

For all the nature lovers out there, this week’s AUC Crib will definitely be of interest. Located in the RHET department, Professor Richard Hoath’s office shows off his personality and his passion for natural history and wildlife.

His love of wildlife and nature is obvious to anyone who enters the room, which boasts walls adorned with sketches, paintings, and doodles of animals he has seen throughout his travels. Along with these, Hoath keeps stacks of travel journals, which are of great sentimental value to him.

“My hobbies are natural history and wildlife. That’s what I’m most interested in and as a rhetoric professor teaching writing, that’s what I write about most.”

He explains that “from the travel journals right through to the published books and articles, they’re all about natural history; I think the room reflects that.”

According to Hoath, his choice of decorations helps to “perfect my interest in art, because I love drawing and recording the birds and animals that I see. It’s a lovely way to be able to look closely at them and get the structure right and the shape right.”

He adds that although the clutter makes it look “completely chaotic, I actually know where everything is.” There was no specific plan for decorating his room; he simply wanted to display his passion for capturing all the wildlife he encounters.

His five favorite objects in the room are his binoculars, which are “the ultimate tool” for naturalists, his journals, that he takes everywhere, the pictures of his numerous pets, including a rescued snow leopard he visits every summer in England, and lastly, a large and beautiful seashell that he brought with him from England.