AUC Shows Solidarity with GUC Protesters



A group of AUC students organized a march to the German University in Cairo (GUC) on Tuesday March 13, to show their support for the protests taking place in front of the GUC campus.

The event, which was organized through Facebook, aimed to show solidarity with the GUC students, who have been protesting against the unfair expulsion of their colleagues by the GUC administration earlier this month.

This protest is part of the student movement that has been taking place in many universities across Egypt, and that aims to encourage participants to claim their political rights as both students and citizens.

Salma Hegab, a sophomore and one of the organizers of the Facebook event, told the Independent:

“We need to be more united at our university in order to get our rights. They’re doing that here [at GUC], and we need to start doing that too.”

“We started talking to the few active students at AUC, and created an event on Facebook to try to get students’ attention,” Hegab commented.

“I’m here in solidarity with the GUC students. I find that what is happening here now is part of the overall student movement. I’m here for the students that got expelled, so we can get back their rights, so we can pressure the administration, and raise the [ceiling] of freedom,” said Bassem El Bendary, a participant of the event.

“I’m [also] here because it is a chance for us to connect with the students here. As [members of the] leftist student movement at AUC, we can build a relationship with the students here [GUC rebels] for any future events,” continued El Bendary.

The march, which was led by AUC students, was set to start in front of the Humanities and Social Science Building (HUSS) at noon and head towards the GUC campus. The event was expected to attract a large number of participants; however, the turn-out was lower than expected.

“We were a little upset, because not that many students showed up to the event. But when we came here [to GUC], we found that there were other AUCians. There was still awareness,” stated Hegab.

“Unfortunately, AUC presence here [at GUC] is weak; I think it was stronger last week. But at the same time, the people who are committed are the ones who come,” said El Bendary.

“I wasn’t expecting high presence, honestly, because when we organize something at our own university there isn’t a strong [student] presence. But it is a positive thing that there are AUC students present here and showing their solidarity,” added El Bendary.

The protests in front of GUC attracted several different groups, including students and political activists, but the most notable was that of presidential candidate Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, who came to show his solidarity with the student movement.