Yasmine Nagaty - Opinions Editor


How often do we hear students or professors on campus grumbling about the rudeness of other staff in AUC? A lot. The Family Transport staffs are prime examples of this scenario. Everyday, as I make my way to the bus, I can anticipate a certain fight that will take place between either drivers and students or drivers and professors. It’s either the buses aren’t enough, or they come late, or leave too late or refuse to let us off the buses before the “official checkpoint.”

Although we may complain (quite rightfully) that the bus service is not worth the increasing fees we pay, we also have to consider the complaints these drivers have of us. I’ve heard several drivers complain that they are treated badly by students and by their supervisors and that many students leave their trash behind in the bus. I find their complaints realistic. It would cost nothing of you to walk into your bus in the morning and bother to say “good morning” and “thank you” to your bus driver.

I am quite aware that many will tell me that some drivers are actually very rude. My answer to that would be pointing out that these people are frustrated by their working conditions and although this is not our problem, there is a difference between acknowledging their problems and excusing their rude behavior. So if we are to blame them for their attitudes, we must make sure that we are making an effort with our own attitudes.

Blaming is a huge responsibility. I am not just addressing bus staff but all non-faculty staff in general. The same for example, applies to security staff. Some students get so angry at them because they demand that you show them an ID everyday as you walk through the gate. Again, there is a difference between behavioral problems and these people simply doing their job for our own safety. If anything, I believe it is important that you acknowledge them by a simple greeting as you pass by the gate.

The last sector of staff I wish to address are administrative staff like the registrar. A increasingly vast amount of students are frustrated by how the registrar handles their paperwork. I count myself amongst these students. When two of my petitions get lost in their in the duration of one week and I am told carelessly to “go get another one” I naturally want to bite their head off. Of course, not the entire team of registrar staff function this way, but only some. However, it is these people I feel deserve a lot more criticism for not efficiently doing their jobs rather than a sector of staff that we know aren’t being given their rights and are subject to exaggerated scrutiny by students.

My point is, we are all frustrated on some level, but if we stop more often and think critically of who we blame and why, we would come up with more realistic solutions to our everyday problems on campus.