Bullet Points

Limited to 140 characters each!


Ahmed Naguib - Social Media Editor

Hello there, my name is Ahmed Naguib, and I’m the Social Media Editor for The Independent. Being an SM Editor (that’s a shortened version of Social Media, which makes me sound cool) for The Independent means two things, and two things only: for one, I have no social life whatsoever (this is partially true), and secondly, I am responsible for bombarding you with our awesome online content through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and whatnot. Being a social failure enables me to keep an eye out on whatever happens on the web, and to share the best content in any given field with you.

Now, the reason why this column is entitled “Bullet Points” is that being on Twitter almost all day long has led to me develop a very short attention span, as people tend to lose me after 140 characters whether they are speaking or writing. Therefore, I have decided to share my valued, mind-boggling opinions with you (yes, I am that modest) in the same style. They are going to be 140 characters long, and will take the form of bullet points. There are times where the points will have some kind of link between them, and at other times they will be totally random. So, here we go:

●      Live and let others live. Even if you are right and fighting for a cause, you shouldn’t force a nonbeliever to fight your battles.

●      AUCians can now add “America’s tool to destroy Egypt” and “U.S. Spy” to their CVs. Rejoice!

●      Having an opinion that is not similar to your own does not mean that the person in question is stupid or a traitor.

●      It is highly recommended that you do not take anything for granted, and keep a healthy appetite for skepticism.

●      If you are an Arabic speaker who’s addicted to good comedy shows, check out Tameem Youness’ “Raseeni” on YouTube.

●      If you are looking for good music, visit 8tracks.com. 8tracks is basically a place where you can create, browse, and play music playlists shared by others.

●      If you are into Arabic poetry, check the works of Amal Donkol, Abd El Rahman El Abnoudy, Mahmoud Darwish, & Ghassan Kanafani. Thank me later.

●      The three previous points require that you have an Internet connection, and a fast one. You will get that anywhere but on campus. AUC’s Internet connection is horrible.

●      Don’t take anti-depressants; instead, listen to Osama Mounir, the best Arabic cheesy relationships radio show ever, on Sundays and Tuesdays from midnight to 2 a.m.

●      According to a Chinese proverb, “if you cannot smile, don’t work at a shop”. Can someone notify our friends at the AUC bookstore?

●      I am yet to understand those who talk about how expensive tuition fees are, yet choose not to attend classes and get value for their money.

●      The university educational system is outdated, and it is high time for a true liberal arts education. (Don’t tell my professors I said that. Please.)

That’s it for this issue, your comments and feedback regarding the format and the content are more than welcome. I have also been told that I’m good when it comes to helping people with a lot of stuff, so don’t hesitate to email me, and I will help you out. By “a lot of stuff”, I mean anything but relationship advice. For that, you can turn to Osama Mounir instead.