Empowering Egypt : CIMAL Working Towards Community Development

Nagla Al-Khoreiby
Staff Reporter

The Development Program Committee of the 22nd Cairo International Model Arab League (CIMAL) organized the event “Empowering Egypt” on Monday Sept. 17 to fundraise their new project for supporting underprivileged schools in Egypt.

The event was held at Mary Cross Hall at AUC’s New Cairo campus, and hosted three notable guest speakers: Regional Manager at Google Middle East Wael El-Fakharany, founder of El Sawy Culture Wheel Mohamed El-Sawy, and activist and founder of the Nebny foundation to rebuild Egypt post- Jan. 25 Jawad Nabulsi.

In the habit of launching similar developing projects, the Development Program Committee was encouraged to start this project with Al-Selahdar School. Their projects are backed by donations. This event was organized to publicize the project.

Habiba Bakir, Development Program Head and organizer of the event, explained the nature of their work and how the development theme was boosted after the revolution.

“We are in the development process of the school, and we visit the students every Tuesday to teach them development skills and more,” she highlighted.

Under the theme of development and well-being, the three guest speakers bestowed positive energy on the attendees. They created a productive and an interactive atmosphere in the hall.

Jawad Nabulsi started with his speech, which was more of an interactive conversation, about “the search of happiness.”

“There are three laws of happiness,” he said, “utilizing your resources to make other people happy, being sincere and acknowledgeable, and not denying your mistakes.”

Sarah El Nanaei, an architecture major, remarked, “I did not know what the event was for. I came for support but when I listened to the speakers, I became interested.”

She commented on how interesting Nabulsi’s speech was; however, she argued that happiness is not a destination; it is a mood, a way of living.

Wael El-Fakharani followed by speaking about dreams and achieving greatness.

“Dream with details; the more details, the better the results,” he said.

Ahmed Abdallah, a sophomore double majoring in political science and business, said “The purpose of the event is very noble, and it makes me sad that not many people have attended. The speeches were very productive, especially that of Dr. Fakharany.”

In an intermission, the organizers previewed a video about one of their projects in Al Fayum, which moved the attendees towards the approach of the development committee. The video reflected on their efforts and spirit, and passed it on to the attendees.

Mohamed El Sawy then spoke, and continued the enlightenment process featured in the hall. He spoke about the situation of Egypt and how we should direct our efforts towards a better future for Egypt.

“Any beginning is based on your vision of the end of the road. We have to believe in the impossible,” he said.

The event was very interactive and tackled productive thoughts in a positive atmosphere. It highlighted an approach towards a better future for Egypt through the messages sent and delivered from established outstanding guests, to vibrant willing students.

There was an ongoing comment however that the event was not well publicized, which was apparent in the relatively few number of attendees.

CIMAL’s initiative towards developing Egypt is still highly anticipated to become a success; it showed in their efforts of creating a fruitful event. The committee’s call of joining forces and donations stands still.