El Mouled: Reviving Egypt’s Tourism

Rita Metiyas
Staff Reporter

All proceeds from El Mouled will go towards rebuilding Egypt’s tourism industry - NADA FATHY

The AUC Theater and Film Club hosted “El Mouled” on Thursday Oct. 13, one of largest events and campaigns of the year for the purpose of reviving tourism and rebuilding Egypt. El Mouled was held in the portal area at the AUC new campus from 6 to 11:30 pm.

El Mouled’s theme was a traditional Egyptian celebration, which included a full Arabian setting and decorations. The term “mouled” roughly translates to “liveliness” in colloquial Egyptian Arabic. The audience enjoyed a full circus show featuring magicians, acrobats, men on stilts, and many other performances as well as games.

El Mouled also displayed different booths that had various traditional Egyptian foods, oriental deserts, and drinks. A traditional “ahwa balady” with low tables and small chairs resembling a typical Egyptian coffee shop was set where people could sit and enjoy their food and drinks while still being able to see the stage.

Ahmed Ashraf, one of the event’s organizers and a member of the Theater and Film Club, explained how the club worked hard to come up with an idea of an event that was entertaining and at the same time had a positive impact on Egypt. He said that the idea of rebuilding Egypt and reviving tourism encouraged many people to come and sponsors to fund the event, knowing that their money was going towards a good cause for their country.

Ashraf added, “We started thinking about making something that can help Egypt, and everyone worked so hard to invite and reach as many people as possible, and we succeeded!”

He also said that the Theater and Film Club members talked with the Minister of Tourism and Minister of Education, and both of them were invited to attend the event.

Mamdouh Medhat, who attended the event, explained that his desire to attend an oriental, cultural, and completely traditional Egyptian experience was what encouraged him to come to El Mouled.

He also loved the music and was inspired by the Egyptian, oriental atmosphere which he believes has been missing from our daily lives.

Medhat added, “I felt like I was sitting in a real ahwa balady in a real mouled, which is amazing!”

Ahmed Tarek, who was also present at the event, said that the best parts about El Mouled were the games, food, and drinks. He loved the hummus, sweet potato and corn, as well as the sahlab and liquorice drinks. He also explained how despite the cold weather that evening that most people did not prepare for, the hot drinks really helped.

Tarek added, “It was really cold; we didn’t know what we would do without the hot tea and sahlab!”

El Mouled was organized as a social responsibility campaign and a significant first step towards rebuilding Egypt and reviving tourism. The AUC Theater and Film club aimed to reach all Egyptians and raise awareness in order to restore and rebuild Egypt in many different ways.

The event ticket cost 100 EGP, and all the event’s profit is directed towards developing Egypt. The money will contribute in developing different sectors such as Egyptian theatres, museums, historical monuments, and touristic locations.

El Mouled proved to be an organized and secured event. There was little confusion and disorder, which made the event more attractive and safe. The event seemed to be a success indicated by everyone including the booth owners dancing, laughing, and having fun.