AUC Students Represent Egypt in International Student Government Conference

Baheya Zeitoun
News Editor

Ten AUC students were present at the conference in DC - DAILIA ABBAS

Ten AUC student representatives from the Student Union as well as other on-campus organizations attended The National Summit of American Student Government Association (ASGA), a four-day conference held in Washington DC last week.

The students represented not only the American University in Cairo but also Egypt at the international conference. The conference discussed the properties of effective student governments that can have an impact on campus, and featured students from all around the world.

The AUC students in attendance were Roba Bairakdar, Ahmed Moemen, Ramy El Shabrawy, Aya Saber, Hesham Shaker, Dalia Abbas, Mina Iskandar, Ebram Attalah, Khadiga Rehab, and Marco Kassis.

The conference included workshops for the attendees. They varied from “Top 25 mistakes your student government can make” to “You just got elected. Now what?”

In these workshops, students were taught how to become effective leaders, improve upon their personal skills, promote an organization, and how to have an overall successful student government.  Students also had the chance to network with a diverse group of student government leaders from the United States as well as other countries including Qatar and the Bahamas.

President of the Mass Communication Association (MCA) Khadiga Rehab said that one of the most useful workshops as well as her favorite was the one that discussed delegation. It explained to the leaders how to delegate tasks and how to communicate effectively with the members of the team you are leading.

During the workshop “helpful tips (were mentioned) about some problems that we are having at AUC,” said Rehab.

A workshop on public relations was also offered at the conference to teach students how to publicize their organizations.

“I realized that our publicity campaigns are very effective and creative, and people (at the conference) were very impressed by them,” proudly proclaimed Rehab about AUC’s publicity campaigns.

“I learned leadership skills, delegation and communication techniques, and time management skills. Also that you shouldn’t get involved in many activities because it is about the impact you make not how many activities you are in,” explained Rehab.

The conference also helped in widening students’ horizons and exposing them to different people in a highly diverse environment.

“I (also) realized that student heads in other universities and (in other countries) had some of the same problems that we are facing, and by talking to them you can change your university and advance it,” Rehab remarked.