In Memory of Professor Stephen Everhart

Reem Refaie
Staff Reporter

A memorial service was held on Tuesday, Sept. 27th to honor Professor Stephen Everhart who had been a valued member of the AUC community. The event was held at Moataz El Alfi hall where family, friends, faculty and students gathered in honor of his memory.

Stephen Everhart, a 52 year-old professor and associate dean in the School of Business at the American University in Cairo passed away when a roadside bomb hit a convoy en route to the US Embassy compound in Baghdad.

Everhart, who started working at the American University in Cairo in 2008, had previously worked for the World Bank and its subsidiary International Finance Corporation. He also taught for a period of time at the World Bank Institute. He showed his business sense early on in life; at the age of 20, he was already working in The New York Stock Exchange.

His family was welcomed with warm embraces and compassionate smiles while John Baboukis and Nathan Fischer, professors at the department of Performing and Visual Arts played a sensational prelude, followed by a heart-felt opening remark by President Lisa Anderson. Audience members found her words were both moving and inspiring.

“He remains for all of us, a hero today” she said.

This was followed by an hour of reflections in which many of the attendees reminisced on both their personal and professional experiences with Professor Everhart.

Professor Sherif Kamel, the Dean of the School of Business at AUC was the first amongst ten to talk. He mentioned how quickly his friendship with Professor Everhart had progressed and most importantly he said that he was the most passionate, devoted and committed person he had ever met.

Mohga Badran, Chair of the Management Department, was the second to voice her reflections. She said she would always remember his unwavering optimism that persisted in the face of all life’s hardships.

Richard Tutwiler, the Director of the Desert Development Center (DDC) at AUC, revealed a rare quality that Everhart possessed. He said that he was always able to make people feel good about themselves and about what they do.

According to Tutwiler, Everhart was an incredible man. He also pointed out that teaching for Everhart was not considered a job but a part of a giving back process. This was particularly inspirational for the audience.

Finally Stephanie Zobay, Professor Everhart’s wife, addressed the audience with unshed tears as well as a reassuring smile. She was able to articulate a lifetime of experiences into simple words. She said that he had taught her to enjoy the little things in life and that in itself is the greatest gift of all.

The event came to an end as the melodies of Professor Everhart’s favorite song, “You Can’t Always Get what You Want” filled the hall.