Two AUC Buses Experience Accidents on the Same Day

Nagla Al Khoraiby
Staff Reporter

On Wednesday Sept. 28, two AUC Family Transport buses suffered two minor accidents. No injuries were reported, but only minor damage to the vehicles.

The first accident occurred on the Maadi route. Mostafa Ali, supervisor of Family Transport at AUC, mentioned that the accident was not the driver’s fault, and “students, faculty and staff on the bus also confirmed that.”

He said that the bus was standing still due to congestion on road, and a truck came from behind with loose brakes hitting the bus from behind. The bus crashed in two cars in front of it. It was a slight crash due to the traffic on the road and no one was hurt.

The second accident, which occurred on the Giza route, was more serious. Ibrahim Bedrous, coordinator of the International Students Affairs office and a passenger on the bus, stated that the accident occurred due to a “mutual mistake.”

He mentioned that the bus driver, Ahmed Magdi, was driving fast on the left lane and a wood loaded truck was swinging in front of him. He tried to avoid it, but he accidently hit two cars in the process.

Hassan Moawad, food quality manager at AUC, was on the 6th of October bus behind the Giza bus at the time.

“From the scene we witnessed, we imagined something drastic had happened,” he said.

He also mentioned how the people on the bus including staff and students saved the day by moving the people on the Giza bus from the left lane to right safe side. The bus driver himself was very efficient and handled the situation well.

“The police and ambulance arrived in a minute, surprisingly,” Bedrous said.

However, Ali and Mowad mentioned how the police were unwise in dealing with the situation when they urged the driver to ride the Giza bus, and asked people to push the bus to the other side, which caused the hydraulic brakes of the bus to malfunction and the bus went loose and moved down the road.

Bedrous mentioned how Magdi, the driver, had to move against the concrete barriers of the Ring Road to stop the bus, causing sparks and vehicle damage. But the situation was controlled at the end as the people on the Giza bus rode the 6th of October bus. Another group of passengers rode another Family Transport bus that came right away, Bedrous stated.

Bedrous called on the AUC administration to have their own buses with their own trained drivers to ensure safety, because those 50 people on the bus “could have died.”