Admin Relocates Bookstore

Ahmed Kamel El Badry
Sports Editor

The space for the old bookstore will be put into better use - INDEPENDENT STAFF

The university has announced that the AUC Press Bookstore situated near Gate One on the far side of the campus will be relocated to the edge of the Bartlett Plaza come January, where it will neighbour the Campus Gift Shop.

The decision was made after AUC Press proclaimed that moving to a more accessible space will improve the service it can provide to the AUC community.

Brain MacDougall, VP for Planning and Administration, explained how and why the decision was reached.

“The management of the AUC Press made the point that the current location is not convenient for the AUC community and we examined alternatives to identify a location that would be more central for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff. We determined that this location will best serve AUC and help in addressing other space pressures,” he says.

The specific site for the relocated bookstore will make use of the existing Travel Office space, the Campus Gift Shop, and a modification of the space between the gift shop and the area leading to the entrance of the Faculty Lounge. The relocation would also leave the current bookstore building free for alternative usage. MacDougall explained how the university plan to take advantage of it.

“We have space pressures for the Graduate School of Education and the School of Continuing Education (SCE). We anticipate that by moving SCE to the former bookstore (space) we can solve both schools’ problems,” he says.

In addition, this move will also affect the university in terms of money, as MacDougall clarifies how such a move can only bring financial positives to the university.

“From an operating perspective, the AUC Press anticipated more sales revenue which will be a positive improvement to the total operating position of AUC.  The costs of relocating the bookstore will be in the order of 750,000 EGP and this will be funded within the approved FY12 capital budget,” MacDougall explains.

Mark Linz, Director of AUC Press, has been working on making this possible for some time, and was delighted with the announcement as he elucidated how their suggestion to AUC came to shore.

“We are very pleased that the university is now moving ahead with our urgent recommendations over the last couple of years to locate the AUC Press Bookstore near the AUC Press Campus Shop. The move and consolidation comes after frequent requests and suggestions by the many enthusiastic visitors and customers of the AUC Press stores,” he says.

Linz continues by declaring how such a change now allows the bookstore and Campus Gift Shop to work together and adequately serve the AUC community.

“The new cluster of AUC Press Bookstores will offer full and extended services of all textbooks, a full range of academic and general interest publications, stationary and other campus supplies, as well as special order services for the AUC community,” Linz explains.

He was not the only one to be happy with the decision, as Mohammed Ashour, a junior double majoring in physics and electronic engineering, also gave the move his full approval.

“I think it’s a great idea because with the bookstore near the plaza, one would use it for more than just course textbooks, and now that it is more accessible, I think AUCians will explore the bookstore for the first time. People can now easily visit it between classes and during free time too,” he says.

Najla Ismail, a junior majoring in integrated marketing communication, was also pleased to hear the news.

“I think it’s smart because it’s central to everything on campus and it makes more sense to have the bookstore located near the library so that you can buy your books and rent them all at the same time in the same area,” she states.

The Travel Office’s relocation is anticipated to be complete by the end of October, while the entire Bookstore should be fully operational in its new location by January 2012.