AUC Female Students Face Harassment Outside University Gates

Workers passing outside Gate 4 harassed three female students from the American University in Cairo as they were returning from Meeting Point Mall around 11:00 PM last Tuesday Sept. 6.

AUC security guards sitting between Gates 4 and 5 heard screams at around 11:00 pm, and found three international students being harassed by two men wearing shaggy clothes. They turned out to be construction workers from nearby areas around campus.

According to security official Ahmed Khaled, the women were returning to their on-campus dorms on foot when the assault happened.

“The guards rushed when they heard the screams and knew that these were AUC students. They took them inside the campus and contacted their resident supervisor immediately,” said Khaled.

He also explained that the security guards searched the two male harassers for weapons and other illegal substances but they turned out clean.

However, they did not have any identification cards on them, thus the police were notified.

The workers were then taken to the police station for investigation after the women filed an official complaint.

He also added that the women should not have been walking outside the campus this late at night, according to a briefing dorm students had upon their arrival to the new campus.

“We have met with the students and informed them clearly of the current security situation in the area and in Egypt as a whole. They should have known that it would not be safe to walk around at that time in the night,” he says.

Yet, when asked if the university will increase the number of security guards at night around the gates he insisted that the number is already enough and that the guards are already doing more than their job requires because they are aware that there is not enough police force in front of the university. “

The security guards are doing more than their job description. They are keeping an eye on students who park their cars outside and leave at night by making sure that they get in their cars safely,” he states.

A similar incident occurred last spring when the university resumed after the short hiatus caused by the Jan. 25 uprisings. Last semester, a female student was physically attacked by an unknown male outside university gates in the evening hours as she was walking towards her car.

An investigation process is currently underway and the women’s identities remain confidential.

Rawan Ezzat
Staff Reporter