WEB EXCLUSIVE : AUC student kidnapped

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


Last modified: 09 March 2011 21:45

An AUC student has been seized on his way to campus from his home in 6th of October city early Wednesday.

Kamal El Leithy and his driver were pulled over to the side of the road by two white vans and abducted. They are being held for a ransom of EGP 1 million. 

Vice President of Student Affairs Ashraf El Fiqi confirmed that the university was informed of the incident earlier today and has contacted the 6th of October police apparatus.  El Fiqi added they could not yet verify that this was in fact a "kidnapping."

However, Ahmad Hassan, a history major and close friend of El Leithy's, told The Caravan that the abductors contacted the student's family demanding the ransom.

Regarding reports that the student was abducted by his driver, Hassan said that "people are making assupmtions and Kamal's father himself does not know for sure."

Professor Neda Kessas from the English Language Institute, who had taught El Leithy two semesters ago, expressed shock upon hearing the news and concern for his safety.

"I can only imagine what his parents are going through," she said. "I am very surprised that the University has not commented though and seems to be in denial that any of these incidents are happening."

The university administration issued a statement following the kidnapping incident late Wednesday urging members of the AUC community to remain vigilant, but reassuring staff and students that the situation is stable.

Although the university addressed safety and security in several emails, it refrained from acknowledging specific cases, including El Leithy's kidnapping.

These attacks on members of the AUC community come amidst growing unrest throughout Egypt.

Over 10 people have been killed in clashes between Muslim and Coptic protesters March 8. 

Violence also erupted between different factions in Tahrir Square. Hundreds have been injured throughout the capital over the past few days.


I agree that classes must be

I agree that classes must be suspended fo a week or 2. Streets r not safe these days plus as mentioned especialy for students who live in october

Guys I live in Heliopolis

Guys I live in Heliopolis which is not that far from uni! I finished today at 5:30and on my way back to heliopolis I was attacked by thugs and thieves in the street connecting the suez road and the ring road leading to sheraton. They were blocking the street they were about 10 people and they had a micro bus and a cab they took my cell phone, all my money, my earrings my sun glasses and thanks god they let me go when they saw another car coming from far away. This was around 6 pm which is not very late. I sent a mail to the president but I think we have to be all active.

this is serious!!! wake up

I am an auc student!!! And I have been threatened ,me and my family!!! And when I called the university to inform them they replied by " take care of yourself but there is nothing we can do!" Come on!!! I'll lose one semester of my life because they don't want to suspend classes for a week or 2?? I can't leave my house! Please suspend classes! Till everything cools down.. And 2 weeks will be enough for the army to catch those people!

Totally agree

Even though i think that the kidnapping could have happened at any other time, not just necessarily because of the revolution aftermath, i understand that students have the right to fear for their safety, especially those who live in far away places and have to go back home at night. I would like to add that if the kidnappers asked for a ransom of 1,000,000 million, then they probably know that the kid belongs to a rich family, and the driver or somebody else working for them might be involved. Please let us know if he goes back home safely. Thanks.

Of course this could have

Of course this could have happened in any other time, the difference is that now the police is not present, the thugs know that and we should know that they know ! Time is running out for them since the police is reorganizing and for this they are trying and will try to benefit as much as possible from this situation. That's why we should suspend the classes ! If you are concerned about your loved ones as I am a parent, don't send your kids !!!!


Are you underestimating the students lives? What a stupid administration. Unrespectable workers.


This is sooo unfair AUC !!!!!!!!! what are you waiting for !!!!! suspend classes at least for a week or two until everything is more stable than today. we have 3 months summer vacation, nothing will happen if it is only 2 months and a half !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be realistic stupid AUC administration

what makes you think that

what makes you think that everything will be more stable in a week or two?

VP of Student Affairs?!!!

El Fiqi added that they could not yet verify that this was in fact a "kidnapping". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How can any of us feel safe after this comment. This guy needs to reevaluate his career.


As a parent , I am really concerned for the safety of our children. The administration should bear in mind that the location of the campus of the AUC is hazardous, and students stay until very late. I think that you should start taking major precautions to ensure the safety of the students in and out of campus.

Just stupid.

The Administrative response to this is completely moronic. Why do we keep getting emails claiming "unsubstantiated" reports? Simple, the administration is trying desperately to keep the tuition money flowing this semester and is more than happy to put students and faculty at risk to do so! There is a "safety forum" on Sunday but it is being held AT the new campus Pure genius. I wonder how many buses will be hijacked and students assaulted on the way to talk about "safety" on campus? I will be boycotting the event (and most likely the day or week) on principle.

Guys if they want us to go

Guys if they want us to go univ. And be unsafe,, so why we don't stop going to univ. And they will find no one to teach, so some how we force them to give us vacation


How they know that the color of vans are white !!!or that the kidnap happened in 6th of october? did they find the guy ?