Wave of strikes hits New Cairo Campus

Sunday, September 11th, 2011
Security staff on strike

Security staff want more equitable wages

Dozens of AUC security guards, joined by Desert Development Center and custodial staff, gathered in front of the administration building to protest poor working conditions this morning.

One of their main demands is for Executive Director for Public Safety Mahmoud Zouk to leave office.

“Everyone is demanding that Zouk leaves,” said Mohamed Hassan, a security guard.

“The security guards’ problems are divided into two main groups: temporary guards on monthly salaries and full time guards,” Hassan said.

The temporary workers are mostly assigned to the bus area and have their contracts renewed each month. They receive a monthly EGP 850 salary and work from 7 am to 10:15 pm.

The temporary guards are demanding to be hired permanently.

Permanent contract guards are protesting a reduction of the maximum overtime hours they are allowed to work. The hours have been reduced from 60 to 48; they are also protesting against the forced implementation of a one-hour break, increasing their total working hours.

“There is no such thing as breaks in security work so this additional hour is a scam,” said Hassan.

Sameh Adly, a staff member at the AUC Press, says he has been working at AUC for 13 years but is being let go as of next January.

“I have been working here for 13 years on an annual contract, nine with the Said and Compass companies, three as an AUC employee and one year of overtime. They sent me and email saying my contract will not be renewed,” he said.

Custodial and DDC staff who were protesting today said their demands were to have all Saturdays off and receive a EGP 200 compensation for meals.

One worker who was appalled at the amount of money AUC staff receive told The Caravan: “We received base slips comparing our salaries to those in our positions elsewhere, and [we discovered that] we receive around EGP 1,500 less.”

Photo by Effat Mostafa.