TBS launch successful but students complain of cramped space

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

For over a week, AUC students have crowded The Bakery Shop outlet on campus for its healthy and fresh pastries - Peter Wissa

With an eye on beating the competition, The Bakery Shop (TBS) has finally opened its doors to a salivating clientele.

Located at the area formerly occupied by the Beans, Pies and Cookies outlet, TBS reported a successful bustling first week.

AUCians know quality when they see it and say they are ready to brave long queues for the baked items they know are worth their wait.

But some students have claimed that the TBS store is in too cramped a space and wish it had been larger.

"The shop is too small, they should really have a different pick-up area instead of everyone being inside the shop all at once," said Mariam Fishere, a psychology senior.

Amr Alaa, a mechanical engineering freshman was irritated when his order was delayed, even though others who came after him had received their food. "I really can't blame them, it's their first week, but the place doesn't fit and they need more than one counter," he said.

"They should break the walls by the door to make the shop fit more people," said Mai AlKhamisi, a sociology and anthropology graduating senior, adding that a sitting area by the shop would be a good idea.

Not only is the space bothering the students, but also the prices of TBS's products. According to AlKhamisi, the products are overpriced but the food "smells great."

Basel Mashhur, one of the owners of TBS, said that he saw that there was a gap in breakfast variety at AUC, and since he and the other two partners are all AUC alumni, they were glad to open up a branch of their shop on campus.

Mashhur added that the wide variety of over 90 items and fresh products were what AUC needed.

He said their brand of coffee "would compete with other coffee outlets on campus."

Fishere agrees, saying that TBS has good coffee and that "It is the least painful thing to eat at university."

Diana Hassan, a psychology junior, is glad that TBS opened in place of Beans, Pies and Cookies, saying that the latter "Was disgusting while TBS is known for their freshness and healthy food."