Letter to the Editor

Time for Zouk to Leave
Monday, October 15th, 2012

I could go on and rehash the events from its inception, but I've decided to focus on a more recent event:

On October 4, 2012, an AUC stu­dent held an AUC intern against his will on the AUC campus.

My concern is the decision taken by some AUC security guards to sit and merely watch the student inter­rogate the intern.

I understand that security has limited power, however, if all else fails they should have made sure that the intern was allowed to depart campus safely and board the bus to go home.

Surely, as security personnel you don't sit in the room and idly watch one person berate another for nearly five hours.

There is a video that was posted on Facebook that documents the interroga­tion. It was posted to confirm that the intern confessed to being an alleged spy for the AUC administration. The video, however, is mostly verification that sev­eral AUC security were present to wit­ness and, essentially, endorse the act of interrogation. All of this on a university campus. This act of cowardice on behalf of security is unacceptable. Each of the security guards who were visible in the video should be terminated immediately for their lack of intervention to assist an AUC community member in distress.

The irony of this situation's hard to ignore: last year, the students worked in tandem with the workers to receive pay increases and now because of some stu­dents, some workers could (and should) lose their jobs.

I am hopeful that the poor judgment of a few security guards is not indicative of the behaviors of the hundreds who are employed by AUC. Actually, we all know that security can be noble and self­less and they have been tested time and time again during various events in and around Tahrir Square. But right now, I do not feel safe since the list people who've been threatened continues to grow and yet the aggressors are continually allowed on campus. The AUC administration needs to respond expeditiously (meaning they should have responded by now) and send a message to security that security's job is to protect us - the entire AUC com­munity - instead of appearing as if they're supporting the bullies on campus.

If security is going to haggle me for not having my AUC ID or rummage through my bag looking for illicit items then they need to take that same energy and pre­vent bad people from doing bad things on campus; you don't need a gun or a taser for that.

As the AUC community tries to move forward, we will only incur setbacks under the current climate. With that in mind (but for different reasons), I will agree with one of the students' original demands from last month, that Mahmoud Zouk, the head of Public Safety at AUC, should be fired too for allowing this sort of anarchy to go unchecked.

Kim Fox is an associate professor of prac­tice at the JRMC department.