COMMENTARY: Campus food quality not improved

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

During the past few months ever since AUC has terminated the con­tract between Delicious Inc. one can argue that there has not been a drastic change in service or quality. The only difference that can be felt or seen is the new variety. However, most of the outlets either opened up after half of the semester was over or closed down for an undisclosed amount of time.

For example, ICHEF next to the library has been closed for almost two weeks and the sign on their cart says closed for maintenance. There is no indication if they will open soon or that there might be a serious issue that will require a lot of time to fix. I believe that this should be part of the food committee's job to make sure that each food outlet is working properly and opening for the hours of opera­tion that are stated in the contract.

The food committee, in my personal opinion, has not been very active these past few months because if they were, they might have responded to some of the complaints sent to their offi­cial e-mail by students at AUC. Some of the complaints that have been sent were regarding food poisoning cases, food outlets opening two hours late, food quality and sanitary con­ditions. The food committee should be responsible for making sure that all of the of the food outlets on cam­pus have a standard to uphold and if they are not following the rules stated in their contract then there should be an appropriate response from the committee.

My suggestion to those in the food committee maybe if you conduct sur­prise visits and make sure the sanitary conditions are up to par by creating a way to measure cleanliness. Once you have done this you can start placing rules that will enable you to suspend operations if they do not meet the standards of AUC. Also, it might help if you have certain students who doc­ument their experience on a regular basis - kind of like mystery shoppers who will give an accurate description of the average member of the com­munity's experience while purchasing food on campus. Also something that can be done in order to create trans­parency between the committee and the AUC community would a biweekly news letter displaying the results of the how the food outlets scored on their visits.

I hope that one day we will be able to get high quality food and great ser­vice on campus so that we would truly get what we paid for.

Ahmed Maklad did is currently pursuing is graduate studies in ECLT.