CIMAL’s Khatwa takes a step against unemployment

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

A pilot project launched by the Cairo International Model Arab League (CIMAL) will target unemployment by offering recent university graduates a number of initiatives and workshops to help improve their chances in the job market.

CIMAL’s Development Program Committee is hoping its four-month Khatwa project launching in Moqqatam in July with a group of 50 graduates hopes to resolve the discrepancy between graduate education and labor market requirements.

Egypt’s economy is currently struggling with alerts being issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that it has entered a “dangerous phase;” it lists the unemployment rate at 10 percent, although some believe it is much higher.

Khatwa is designed to combat unemployment by equipping youth with the necessary skills required to compete in the Egyptian labor market.

“Khatwa will provide unemployed youth [with skills] to survive and thrive in today’s economy,” said Habiba Bakir, the head of CIMAL Development Program.

The Development Committee then intends to carry out the Khatwa project on a broader geographical scale, providing applicants from the rural and underdeveloped areas of Egypt, who will be re-

quired to have recently graduated or in their third or fourth year of university, with English and computer courses as well as entrepreneurial and soft skills.

These skills will allow them to reach the level of professional employees and increase their marketability as prospective job applicants.

In addition to the supervision of experts, professionals and entrepreneurs that will train the young applicants, Khatwa will be collaborating with leading NGOs such as Better World, AWTAD, a Cairo-based women’s women’s association, and Alwan W Awtar.

These NGOs will enable Khatwa to widen its scope in reaching out to a larger target group. AWTAD will also supply Khatwa with their business and soft skills programs while Better World will supply their English and computer programs.

Once the applicants complete the program they will be given certificates confirming their participation.

“This project would reshape the future of those graduates,” Bakir said.

“Khatwa is ensuring them brighter and more promising days to come.”