AUC memorial honors the revolution's fallen

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Taking the initiative to honor Egypt’s “martyrs” during the January 25 uprising, AUC students gath- ered in the plaza in front of the library to pray for the victims’ souls and to honor their sacrifice as they held out against all odds.

Ahmed Saafan, an engineering senior, started this event on Facebook under the name of “In the memory of our blessed Martyrs,” and has also ini- tiated discussions over how AUC students can be engaged with the community.

“I left Egypt January 26 to Montreal. I was bored and feeling like a betrayer in Montreal until I thought of making a huge campaign to help Egypt be a better place and it started with the group “AUCians for Egypt,” Safaan said.

The group reached almost 1,000 members who immediately started to brainstorm ideas, such as holding prayers for martyrs, cleaning Tahrir Square, collecting donations and delivering food packages to the food bank.

Ashraf El Fiqi, vice president for student af- fairs, showed his pride in AUC students, and their passion for Egypt. Shedding light on his own personal experience, El Fiqi explained that he went to Tahrir with his family and was deeply affected by the young people’s passion, energy and their way of handling the uprising.

“We are all proud of the revolution, these youths are better than us. This is just the beginning but I’m sure they’ll complete what they started,” El Fiqi stated.

Although there has not yet been a final tally of casualties since January 25, the Ministry of Interior updated the number to 363 dead and at least 1,550 injured.

The government led by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik has promised an EGP 5,000 compensation to families of those killed.

While some protesters say they cannot forgive the police for attacking them, there have been calls to have the former minister of interor Habib el Adly put on trial.

El Adly is currently under house arrest. Several senior police officers have also been confined to their homes as they await investigations to deter- mine their fate.