Welcome to the new and improved Caravan Online, the web-based edition of The Caravan, the student newspaper of the American University in Cairo.

Although our new mantra is to carry the voice of the AUC community, both the print and online editions are entirely student-run by a team of dedicated staff members, freelancers and community contributors.

The Caravan is as much an institution as the university itself, tracing its roots back to the foundation in 1919.

Its community mission and function is to:

• Be the voice of the community, including the student body, faculty, staff and alumni.
• Provide coverage of events that involve the AUC community directly and indirectly.
• Consistently and accurately deliver news, features, and analysis of interest, significance or utility to readers.
• Provide a forum for open and civil discourse on community concerns.
• Exercise, develop and refine student journalistic skills and creativity.
• Cultivate ethical and professional attitudes and standards in student journalists.

The Caravan is registered Egyptian newspaper that complies fully with Egyptian publication law.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I become part of the Caravan?
The Caravan is part of the AUC community; it's primary purpose is to provide a conduit for the community to voice its opinions and concerns. With that in mind, The Caravan is open to all in the community.

There is a mis-perception among the student body that The Caravan is exclusively staffed by JRMC students and is their utility. This is absolutely incorrect. Anyone with good writing and reporting skills can work at The Caravan.

Positions are open to any AUC student, undergraduate or graduate, and can be filled by non-journalism majors as well as those within the department. For updated editorial staff vacancies, click here.

Who finances the Caravan?
The newspaper is financed totally by student fees, and its budget is set by the President’s Office.

Can we publish ads in the Caravan?
No. The publication cannot carry paid advertising. As a result, we are primarily concerned with news and editorial matters.

How can I express my opinions in the Caravan?
The Caravan welcomes letters to the editor, commentary and/or analysis pieces responding to published material or commenting on subjects that are of interest to the general community.

These are screened by our editors for compliance with university guidelines on ethics and morality.

Only e-mailed submissions (caravan@aucegypt.edu) not exceeding 600 words will be accepted. All letters to the editor must be signed with the student’s name, ID number, major and year.

We reserve the right to edit any submission to the Op-Ed section for libel, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and space. The Caravan is under no obligation to print all pieces submitted.

Published commentary and letters are the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policies of The Caravan.

Does the Caravan have a correction policy?
The Caravan welcomes corrections for any of the content on our pages. Please e-mail corrections tocaravan@aucegypt.edu. Submit your corrections by Tuesday at 3 p.m.

What should I expect when I talk to a Caravan reporter?
If you are interviewed by a Caravan reporter, you may assume that any information you disclose is subject to publication. You reserve the right to ask the reporter to double-check the information taken from your interview. However, you may not view the article before publication, and you may not ask to see the reporter’s notes: you may , however ask to approve direct quotes.

If you have more questions, you are welcome to send an e-mail to caravan@aucegypt.edu.

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