Amy Holmes, Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Egyptology (SAPE), is the director of a new documentary film that you are invited to watch tomorrow night. The film is entitled "Imperial Outposts: the Secret History of the US Military Presence in Turkey." It will be screened as part of the Cairo Documentary Film Festival on Monday evening. Refreshments will be served from 7:30-8:30, with the film beginning at 8:30 and a discussion afterwards.

Length: 67 minutes
Language: English and Turkish with subtitles

Film synopsis: 

With over 1,000 military installations on foreign soil, the US has erected what some call an empire of bases.  This is the first film that provides a glimpse into this little-known world, by taking a close look at the history of the American presence in Turkey – and the rise of resistance to it.  In the 1960s this included demonstrations against the Navy’s port visits to Istanbul, strikes by unionized base workers, and kidnappings of American soldiers. The Iraq War in 2003 triggered another upsurge of social protest, with Ankara denying basing access for the invasion – highlighting the Achilles’ heel of the global basing network. While overwhelming in firepower, the US military is increasingly accountable to democratic forces in countries that host US bases.

Click here to see a very nice poster for the film. 

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