Khaled Fahmy / Nabil Fahmy

January 2nd, 2012

Khaled Fahmy (Chair of the Department of History) and Nabil Fahmy (Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy) both appear on National Public Radio's Morning Edition program today. Click HERE to listen.

(Khaled Fahmy is interviewed at approximately the 3:20 mark, and Nabil Fahmy at 4:30 and again at 5:30.)

Khaled Fahmy, Professor of History and Chair of the Department, has recently participated in the following interviews:

On November 20, Al-Jazeera Online interviewed Khaled and four other experts (including Dean Nabil Fahmy of the AUC School of Global Affairs and Public Policy [GAPP]) on the significance of the elections. You can read that interview by clicking HERE.

Also on November 20, al-Ahram had an interview in Arabic with Khaled and two other experts (including Prof. Ezzedine Fishere, AUC Department of Political Science) on the recent bloody events in Tahrir and the excessive use of force by the police. You can read that interview by clicking HERE.


Provost Lisa Anderson has established a new series of lectures at the University to provide AUC faculty with the opportunity to showcase their research and scholarship to faculty and students at AUC, as well as the Egyptian community at large. The provost noted that AUC’s faculty includes prominent scholars from around the world and that much of the research taking place by the faculty is being recognized globally.

“Our faculty,” Anderson said, “are doing world-class research in a variety of fields and this is an opportunity to showcase those research activities to the wider community here in Cairo. We hope that this begins a series of dialogues with the bigger society which we are part of. We would like it to be reciprocal, so that people would not only get the chance to see our faculty, but they would also be able to follow up with their research.”

Each semester the provost will host four lectures – three in English and one in Arabic. For Spring Semester 2010, the faculty who have been selected to deliver the lectures are Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, founding dean of AUC’s School of Global Affairs and Public Policy; Professor Galal Amin, professor of economics and renowned author; Professor Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology and a leading scholar in Egyptian funerary archaeology; and Professor Ali Hadi, vice provost and professor of mathematics and actuarial science, a highly recognized statistician.

Ambassador Fahmy’s lecture – “The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East: Are They Intractable Problems” – will be held on March 1. In this lecture he will discuss how the Arab – Israeli conflict and the pursuit of nuclear weapons in the Middle East are becoming more entrenched even while their respective resolutions become clearer and self-evident. He will also explain why it has been difficult to find resolutions on these issues and what can be done to address them.

Professor Amin’s lecture – “Reflections on the Idea of Progress” – will be held on March 21. This second lecture will be delivered in Arabic, and simultaneous translation into English will be provided. Professor Amin will discuss how, in spite of numerous recurring criticisms of Western Civilization, its model of history as “progress” has proven to be highly tenacious, and continues to dominate our view of political and social change.

Professor Ikram’s lecture, on April 6, will be entitled “Life Away from the Nile: Exploring Kharga Oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert.” This third lecture of the series will be held on April. Her lecture will provide an overview of the discoveries made by AUC’s new archaeological project: the North Kharga Oasis Survey. As Professor Ikram put it in her October interview in the Bulletin, the survey has found “the remains of ancient caravan routes, forts, temples, early churches, farmhouses, pigeon towers, elaborate underground aqueducts, small settlements, tombs, pharaonic inscriptions, prehistoric settlements, and a plethora of rock art during the course of our work. Almost none of these things had never been noted before.”

Vice Provost Hadi will hold the final lecture of the semester, on May 5: “Visualizing Data Beyond Three-Dimensions: An Introduction to the Visualization of Massive, High-Dimensional Data.” The lecture will introduce efficient and effective graphs for the visualization of massive and high-dimensional data, which are normally hard to visualize given that human visual ability is generally limited to three-dimensional spaces, as are most of our existing visualization tools.

All four lectures will be held at 4:00 PM in Moataz Al Alfi Hall at AUC’s new campus. Simultaneous translation will be provided for all lectures.