El Haggar, Salah

November 29th, 2016

Published a new book (2016) with Dr. Mohamed El-Morsy , Sarah Mousa  entitled “Sustainable Solar energy Systems: challenges and Economics for the Arab World”. Also, the book (ebook) has been published on website.
One of the top journals on Sustainability (Journal of Cleaner Production) just published a book review of my recent  book (2015) “Sustainability & Innovation”.
The article can be accessed through this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.10.135

The following list includes only faculty grants. Graduate student grants are now handled exclusively by Dr. Amr Shaarawi, Dean of Graduate Studies. Please contact Dean Shaarawi’s office for news about graduate student grant applications.

My office will process the checks for the following grants as quickly as we can, but please allow some time for processing, since there is a very heavy workload for my assistant, Nancy Wadie, once the grant decisions are made. If you have not yet provided a letter of acceptance from a conference for which you have received a grant, no check will be issued until we receive such a letter.



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohamad Al-Issis (ECON). Stanford, CA, USA. April 2012.

*Nizar Becheikh (MGMT). Hsinchu, Taiwan. March 2012.

*Khaled Dahawy (ACCT). Ljubljana, Slovenia. May 2012.

*Hala El-Ramly (ECON). Rome, Italy. June 2012.

*Mohamed Hegazy (ACCT). Ljubljana, Slovenia. May 2012.

*Mohamed Hegazy (ACCT). Istanbul, Turkey. May 2012.

*Dina Rateb (MGMT). Provo, UT, USA. April 2012.

*Dina Rateb (MGMT). Vienna, Austria. May 2012.

*Hamed Shamma (MGMT). Milan, Italy. May-June 2012.

*Khaled Soliman (MGMT). Istanbul, Turkey. May 2012.

*Samir Youssef (MGMT). Nottingham, United Kingdom. April 2012.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Dalia Ashmawi (JRMC). Las Vegas, USA. April 2012.

*Kim Fox (JRMC). Las Vegas, USA. April 2012.

*Benjamin Geer (MEST). Beirut, Lebanon. July 2012.

*Naila Hamdy (JRMC). Las Vegas, USA. April 2012.

*Naila Hamdy (JRMC). London, United Kingdom. April 2012.


GSE (Graduate School of Education)

*Ana Gil Garcia (GSE). Vancouver, Canada. April 2012.

*Ted Purinton (GSE). Barcelona, Spain. June 2012.

*Stacie Rissmann-Joyce (GSE). San Juan, Puerto Rico. April 2012.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Hala Abd AlHak (SAPE). San Juan, Puerto Rico. April 2012.

*Mona Amer (SAPE). Cape Town, South Africa. July 2012.

*Mariam Ayad (SAPE). Providence, RI, USA. April 2012.

*Dalia Basiouny (PVA). Dearborn, MI, USA. May-June 2012.

*Amy Carrillo (SAPE). Cape Town, South Africa. July 2012.

*Victoria Clark (RHET). Lodz, Poland. May 2012.

*Matthew Crippen (PHIL). Windsor, ON, Canada. April 2012.

*Matthew Crippen (PHIL). Waterloo, ON, Canada. May 2012.

*Aissa Deebi (PVA). Austin, TX, USA. March 2012.

*Ira Dworkin (ECLT). Beirut, Lebanon. May 2012.

*Rasha Essam (ALI). Lexington, KY, USA. April 2012.

*Lori Fredricks (ELI). Loughborough, England. March 2012.

*Atta Gebril (ELI). Ankara, Turkey. May-June 2012.

*Camilo Gómez-Rivas (ARIC). Toronto, Canada. April 2012.

*Hani Henry (SAPE). Las Vegas, USA. February 2012.

*Abeer Heider (ALI). Bologna, Italy. March 2012.

*Sean McMahon (POLS). Madrid, Spain. July 2012.

*Yasmine Motawy (RHET). London, United Kingdom. August 2012.

*Amy Motlagh (ECLT). Santa Clara, CA, USA. April 2012.

*Alissa Nostas (ELI). Dubai, UAE. March 2012.

*Bernard O’Kane (ARIC). Philadelphia, USA. March-April 2012.

*Rashmika Pandya (PHIL). Tallinn, Estonia. May-June 2012.

*Gavin Rae (PHIL). London, United Kingdom. February 2012. (retroactive)

*Heba Salem (PHIL). Oxford, United Kingdom. May 2012.

*Shahira Yacout (ALI). Denver, USA. November 2012.


LLT (School of Libraries and Learning Technologies)

*Meggan Houlihan (Library). Anahaeim, CA, USA. June 2012.

*Hoda Mostafa (CLT). Buffalo, NY, USA. May 2012.

*Carolyn Runyon (Library). Anaheim, CA, USA. June 2012.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mohamed Abdel-Mooty (CANG). São Paulo, Brazil. July 2012.

*Sherif Aly (CSCE). Lugano, Switzerland. March 2012.

*Asma Amleh (BIOL). Montreal, Canada. November 2011. (retroactive)

*Mustafa Arafa (MENG). Chicago, USA. August 2012.

*Hassan Azzazy (CHEM). Frankfurt, Germany. March 2012.

*Rachid Belhachemi (MACT). Venice, Italy. April 2012.

*Gregg De Young (MACT). Seoul, South Korea. July 2012.

*Mohamed Elbarkouky (CANG). Edmonton, Canada. June 2012.

*Lamyaa El-Gabry (MENG). Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2012.

*Jeff Langman (CORE). Venice, Italy. June 2012.

*Khaled Nassar (CANG). Birmingham, UK. April 2012.

*Ahmed Rafea (CSCE). Dublin, Ireland. June 2012.

*Karim Seddik (EENG). Paris, France. April 2012.

*Mohamed Shalan (CSCE). San Francisco, USA. June 2012.

*Nagwa Sherif (CANG). Paris, France. July 2012.



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohamad Al-Ississ (ECON). “Eliciting the Price of Religiosity Through a Laboratory Experiment on Islamic Banking.” Cairo. March 2012-March 2013.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Ashraf Abdelbar (CSCE). “Hybridizing Ant Colony and Particle Swarm Optimization.” Rolla, MO, USA. August 2012.

*Nageh K. Allam (PHYS). “Design and Assembly of Nanostructured Electrodes for Solar-Driven Fuel Production.” Cambridge, MA, USA & Cairo. April 2012-January 2013.

*Florin Balasa (CSCE). “Power Analysis and Optimization Techniques for the Memory System in Digital Signal Processing.” Leuven, Belgium & Cairo. October 2012-September 2013.

*Salah El-Haggar (MENG). “Natural Fiber Plastic Composites.” Cairo. March 2012-March 2013.

*Amal Esawi (MENG). “Hierarchically-Designed Ultra High Strength Materials.” Cairo. Summer 2012-Summer 2013.

*Ali Hadi (MACT). “Regression Analysis by Example, Fifth Edition.” New York, USA & Cairo. February-August, 2012.

*Ezzeldin Soliman (PHYS). “Novel Micromachined Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRA) for mm-Wave Applications.” Leuven, Belgium & Cairo. June-July 2012.



SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Maki Habib (MENG). “Mechatronics Engineering: Research Development and Education.” Aveiro, Portugal. March 2012-January 2013.



GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Sheila Peuchaud (JRMC). “Multimedia Bootcamp.” Chapel Hill, NC, USA. May 2012.

HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences

*Sophie Farag (ELI). “Building Prospective Group Dynamics” & “Successful Pronunciation Teaching and Learning.” Canterbury, United Kingdom. Summer 2012.

*Christopher Faulk (RHET). “2012 Digital Media and Composition Institute.” Columbus, OH, USA. Summer 2012.

SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Ashraf Abdelbar (CSCE). “2012 ABET Assessment Workshop and Program.” St. Louis, USA. April 2012.

*Tarek Madkour (CHEM). “Developing Modeling and Simulation Learing Module Units for the Food Chemistry Course: CHEM 519, ‘Practical Approaches to Food Analysis.’” Cairo. March–May 2012.



HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Salima Ikram (SAPE). “First International Chariot Conference (FICC).” Cairo. November-December 2012.

LLT (School of Libraries and Learning Technologies)

*Aziza El Lozy (CLT). “Challenges and Practices of Pedagogy and Instructional Technology: Professional Development for Palestinian Educators.” Cairo. March 2012.

At this afternoon's Midyear Undergraduate Commencement ceremonies, the AUC Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award was given to Professor Hassan Azzazy, Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry.

Professor Azzazy is no stranger to prizes, having earlier won the 2008 AUC Excellence in Research and Creative Endeavors Award. He thereby joins Professor Salah El Haggar of Mechanical Engineering as the only faculty member to win the top honor in both research and teaching. The Bulletin congratulations Professor Azzazy on this tremendous achievement.

In the image below we see him at work (center), teaching the chemical craft to two AUC students.


Salah El Haggar

January 1st, 2010

In compiling the list of past AUC Award Winners (soon to be available), we discovered that Prof. Salah El Haggar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, is the first AUC faculty member to win both the Teaching Award (1995) and Research Award (2009). Congratulations to Professor El Haggar.

And Happy New Year to all of you.