The following list includes faculty grants only. Graduate student grants are now handled exclusively by Dr. Amr Shaarawi, Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies. Please contact Dr. Shaarawi’s office for news about the status of applications for Graduate Student Grants.

In some cases, adjustments have been made to the requested budgets; please do not assume that you have received the full amount requested.

My office will process the checks for the following grants as quickly as we can, but please allow some time for this to happen, since there is a very heavy workload for my assistant (Nancy Wadie) once the grant decisions are made. If you have not yet provided a letter of acceptance from the conference for which you have received a grant, please note that no check will be issued until we receive such a letter.

If you see any typographical or other errors, or if you believe yourself to be wrongly missing from this list, please contact me immediately at




BUS (School of Business)

*Samer Atallah  (ECON). Seattle, USA. June-July 2013.

*Maha ElShinnawy (MGMT). Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA. August 2013.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Rasha Abdulla (JRMC). London, UK. June 2013.

*Allison Hodgkins (PPAD). Washington, D.C., USA. June 2013.

*Sherene Seikaly (MEST). Cambridge, UK. June 2013.

*AKM Ahsan Ullah (CMRS). Bangkok, Thailand. August 2013.


GSE (Graduate School of Education)

*Jennifer Skaggs (GSE). Atlanta, USA. June 2013.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Saiyad Ahmad (ARIC). London, UK. May 2013.

*Mona Amer (SAPE). Miami, USA. June 2013.

*Dalia Basiouny (ARTS). Barcelona, Spain. July 2013.

*Amy Carrillo (SAPE). Miami, USA. June 2013.

*Aissa Deebi (ARTS). Venice, Italy. May-June 2013.

*Iman Hamam (RHET). Oxford, UK. September 2013.

*Sanaa Khabbar (RHET). Istanbul, Turkey. September 2013.

*Mounira Soliman (ECLT). Strasbourg, France. June 2013.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mohamed F. Aly (MENG). Portland, OR, USA. August 2013.

*Mustafa Arafa (MENG). London, UK. July 2013.

*Lamyaa El-Gabry (MENG). San Antonio, TX, USA. June 2013.

*Mohamed El-Morsi (MENG). Portland, OR, USA. August 2013.

*Abdel Hameed El-Shaarawi (MACT). Anchorage, AK, USA. June 2013.

*Nermine El Sissi (MACT). Hartford, CT, USA. July-August 2013.

*Ezzat Fahmy (CANG). Montreal, Canada. May-June, 2013.

*Walid Fouad (BIOL). Boston, USA. June 2013.

*Yasser Gadallah (EENG). Cagliari, Italy. July 2013.

*Galal Galal-Edeen (CSCE). Como, Italy. June 2013.

*Ali Hadi (MACT). Anchorage, AK, USA. June 2013.

*Awad Khalil (CSCE). Las Vegas, USA. July 2013.

*Ahmed Moustafa (BIOL). Paris, France. June 2013.

*Ashraf Nassef (MENG). Portland, OR, USA. August 2013.

*Mohammad Sadek (MACT). Balikesir, Turkey. August 2013.

*Ezzeldin Sayed-Ahmed (CANG). Cape Town, South Africa. September 2013.

*Mohamed Serry (MENG). Barcelona, Spain. June 2013.

*Mohamed Shalan (CSCE). San Francisco, USA. June 2013.

*Tamer Shoeib (CHEM). Oviedo, Spain. July 2013.

*Khaled Tarabieh (CANG). Graz, Austria. September 2013.

*Ahmed Waly (CANG). New Delhi, India. September 2013.

*Noha Youssef (MACT). Lagow Lubski, Poland. June 2013.



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohga Badran (MGMT). “The Effect of Positive Organizational Capital and Organizational Culture on Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Performance.” Cairo. September 2013-April 2014.


Core Curriculum

*Fady Morcos (Core). “AUC Cubesat–Phase II.” Cairo. July 2013-March 2014.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Shahjahan Bhuiyan (PPAD). “Can Good Governance Be Achieved in the ‘New’ Egypt? Assessing the Role of Arab Spring and People’s Revolution.” Oslo, Norway. July-August 2013.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Dalia Basiouny (ARTS). “EraseHer!” Cairo; New York, USA; Beloit, WI, USA. May-June 2013.

*Richard Fincham (PHIL). “Self-Subverting Reason and Irrational Faith: The Role of Humean Skepticism in the Development of German Idealism/Qualitative Freedom.” Tübingen, Germany. August 2013.

*Nenad Jovanovic (ARTS). “The Legacy of Brecht in Contemporary Nonfictional Film.” Berlin, Germany. June-July 2010.

*Gretchen McCullough (RHET). “”The Marvellous Pink Villa on the Battle of Bull Run St.” Annamakerrig, Ireland. July 2013.

*William Melaney (ECLT). “The French Novel: Flaubert, Proust, Butor.” Chicago, USA. August 2013.

*Ian Morrison (SAPE). “Religion and National Identity in Québec.” Montreal and Québec City, Canada.

SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering

*Karim Addas (PHYS). “Force Calibration for Optical Traps Employed for Microrheology of Non-Equilibirum Cytoskeletal Systems in vivo.” Göttingen, Germany. June-July 2013.

*Mohab Anis (EENG). “Design of Memristor-Based Integrated Circuits.” Cairo and Waterloo, ON, Canada. July-December 2013.

*Joumama El-Rifai (PHYS). “Laser Annealed Poly-SiGe for Flexible MEMS Applications.” Cairo. July 2013-July 2014.

*Abdelhamid Galal (PHYS). “A Study of the Dynamics of Josephson Junctions in Bose Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices.” Florence, Italy. June-July 2013.

*Wael Hassan (CANG). “Experimental Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Shear Critical Deep Beam-Column Joints: Phase 1.” Cairo. May 2013-February 2014.

*Mohamed Nour (CANG). “A Parametric Investigation of Magnetic Treatment of Brackish Water: Implications for Agricultural Development in the Western Desert of Egypt.” Cairo. May-August 2013.

*Adham Ramadan (CHEM). “Hybrid Nanocomposite Membranes for Forward Osmosis.” Cairo. May 2013-May 2014.

*Ahmed Sherif (CANG). “Configuration of Hospital Inpatient Room Window Openings for Provision of External View, Daylighting and Energy Efficiency.”

*Ezzeldin Soliman (PHYS). “Full-Wave Analysis of Plasmonic Transmission Lines: Application to the Design of Wire_Grid and Corporate Nantenna Arrays.” Cairo and Leuven, Belgium. January-December 2013.



BUS (School of Business)

*Steven Formaneck (MGMT).  “Simulation Games in Operations Management Courses.” Cairo. September 2013-May 2014.

SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Sherif Aly (CSCE). “ABET Program Evaluator Training.” Baltimore, USA. June 2013.

*Ezzeldin Sayed-Ahmed (CANG). “Steel Sculpture.” Cairo. September-December 2013.