The following list includes faculty grants only. Graduate student grants are now handled exclusively by Dr. Amr Shaarawi, Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies. Please contact Dr. Shaarawi’s office for news about the status of applications for Graduate Student Grants.

My office will process the checks for the following grants as quickly as we can, but please allow some time for this to happen, since there is a very heavy workload for my assistant (Nancy Wadie) once the grant decisions are made. If you have not yet provided a letter of acceptance from the conference for which you have received a grant, no check will be issued until we receive such a letter.

If you see any typographical or other errors, or if you believe yourself to be wrongly missing from this list, please contact me immediately at



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohamed A. Elbannan (ACCT). Frankfurt, Germany. February 2013.

*Mohamed Elbarkouky (MGMT). Montreal, QC, Canada. May-June 2013.

*Maha Mourad (MGMT). Las Vegas, USA. February 2013.

*Khaled Samaha (ACCT). Paris, France. May 2013.

*Hamed Shamma (MGMT). Sharjah, UAE. February 2013.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Usha Natarajan (Law). St. Andrews, Scotland, UK. April-May 2013.


GSE (Graduate School of Education)

*Heba El-Deghaidy (GSE). Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. April 2013.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Tahia Abdel Nasser (ECLT). Boston, USA. January 2013.

*Ashraf Abdou (ALI). Bloomington, IN, USA. February-March, 2013.

*Catarina Belo (PHIL). Lisbon, Portugal. April 2013.

*Jason Blum (HIST). Baltimore, USA. March 2013.

*Carol Clark (ELI). Dallas, USA. March 2013.

*Brooke Comer (RHET). Boston, USA. March 2013.

*Lori Fredricks (ELI). Riga, Latvia. May 2013.

*Atta Gebril (ELI). Munich, Germany. August 2012.

*Nagwa Kassabgy (ELI). Dallas, USA. March 2013.

*Sanaa Makhlouf (ELI). Liverpool, UK. April 2013.

*Ian Morrison (SAPE). New York, USA. February 2013.

*Yasmine Motawy (RHET). Boston, USA. March 2013.

*Amy Motlagh (ECLT). Boston, USA. January 2013.

*Alissa Nostas (ELI). Dubai, UAE. March 2013.

*Susanne Rizzo (ELI). Dubai, UAE. March 2013.

*Nadine Sika (POLS). Mersin, Turkey. March 2013.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Khaled El-Ayat (CSCE). Nuremberg, Germany. February 2013.

*Sherine El Baradei (CANG). Rome, Italy. February 2013.

*Mohamed Elbarkouky (CANG). University Park, PA, USA. April 2013.

*Tarek Elkewidy (PENG). Kuwait City, Kuwait. December 2012.

*Lotfi Gaafar (MENG). Cocoa Beach, FL, USA. March 2013.

*Adel Ragab (PENG). Cairo. April 2013.

*Ahmed Rafea (CSCE). Innsbruck, Austria. February 2013.

*Nagwa Sherif (CANG). Milan, Italy. September 2013.

*Mohamed Swillam (PHYS). San Francisco, USA. February 2013.

*Mohamed Swillam (PHYS). Sharjah, UAE. March 2013.



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohamed Hegazy (ACCT). “Content Analysis on Minutes of an Audit Committee: The Egyptian Perspective.” Cairo. August 2012-February 2013.

*Maha Mourad (MGMT). “Assessing the Impact of European Standards for Internal Quality Assurance on Students’ Satisfaction and Intention Behavior.” Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. January-June 2013.

*Khaled Samaha (ACCT). “Reporting and Governance Reform and the Timeliness of Financial Reports in an Emerging Capital Market: Evidence from Egypt.” Cairo. October 2012-September 2013.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Hamid Ali (PPAD). “Military Spending and Natural Resourcces: Evidence from Rentier States in Middle East and North Africa.” Cairo. December 2012-May 2013.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Shereef Abdel-Azeem (EENG). “Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition.” Cairo. September 2012-August 2013.

*Ahmed Abou-Auf (MENG). “Fault Modeling and Worst-Case Test Vectors for Failures Induces in FPGAs by Total Ionizing Radiation.” Cairo. October 2012-September 2013.

*Nageh Allam (PHYS). “Hybrid Metal/Semiconductor Nanostructured Electrodes for Photo-Induced Charge Separation: Application to Solar-Driven Hydrogen Production.” Pasadena, CA. May-September 2013.

*Edwin Cruz-Rivera (BIOL). “Interactions Between Ontogeny, Autonomy, and Gut Flora in an Intertidal Crab.” Ain Sukhna, Egypt. Januar-September 2013.

*Tarek Elkewidy (PENG). “Characterization of the Egyptian Oil Shale Potentials for Economical Hydrocarbon Production as Unconventional Resources Integrated with Renewable Energy.” Cairo. February 2013-February 2014.

*Sherif Safar (CANG). “Shear Strengthening of Steel Plate Girders Using CFRP.” Cairo. January-April 2013.

*Adel Salem (PENG). “Application of Nanotechnology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Egyptian Oil Fields.” Cairo. February-May 2013.

*Mohamed Serry (MENG). “Fabrication of MEMS Microstrip Patch Antennas Utilizing Novel Flexible Nanostructured Composite Substrates for Wearable and Implantable Biomedical Applications.” KAUST, Saudi Arabia. December 2012-September 2013.




GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Kim Fox (JRMC). “Sounds Elemental: Gravity.” Brooklyn, NY, USA. December 2012.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Doris Jones (RHET). “First-Year Experience: Building Best Practices for Sustainable and Life-Long Learning for AUC Students and the Community.” Orlando, FL, USA. February 2013.

*Robert Williams (ELI). “Observation and Interaction in Online Beginning Foreign Language Courses.” Chapel Hill, NC, USA. February 2013.

SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Ashraf Abdelbar (CSCE). “2013 ABET Assessment.” Portland, OR, USA. April 2013.

*Nagwa Sherif (CANG). “What Defines the Quality of an Architectural Student: Assessment of Screening Mechanisms for the Admission of Architectural Engineering Students at AUC.” Cairo. December 2012-April 2013.


BUS (School of Business)

*Khaled Samaha (ACCT). Ljubljana, Slovenia. May 2012.

*Hamed Shamma (MGMT). New Orleans, USA. May 2012.

GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Ibrahim Awad (CMRS/PPAD). San Diego, CA, USA. April 2012.

*Kevin Keenan (JRMC). Myrtle Beach, SC, USA. March 2012.

HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Tahia Abdel Nasser (ECLT). Providence, RI, USA. March-April 2012.

*Elizabeth Arrigoni (ELI). Princeton, NJ, USA. April 2012.

*James Curiel (SAPE). New Orleans, USA. April 2012.

*Mariah Fairley (ELI). Philadelphia, USA. March 2012.

*Atta Gebril (ELI). Princeton, NJ, USA. April 2012.

*Amy Holmes (SAPE). New York, USA. February 2012.

*Ivan Ivekovic (POLS). Calcutta, India. January 2012.

*Nagwa Kassabgy (ELI). Boston, USA. March 2012.

*Namira Negm (POLS). Kuwait. November 2011. 

*Ann Shafer (PVA). Philadelphia, USA. January 2012.

*Nadine Sika (POLS). Washington, DC, USA. December 2011.

*Elisabeth Yoder (ELI). Philadelphia. March 2012.


LLT (School of Libraries and Learning Technologies)

*Meggan Houlihan (Library). Limerick, Ireland. May 2012.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Wael Mamdouh Ahmed (CHEM). Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Spain. February 2012.

*Sherif Aly (CSCE). Lugano, Switzerland. March 2012. 

*Amal Esawi (MENG). Orlando, Fl, USA. March 2012.

*Hany Fayek (MENG). Toronto, ON, Canada. July 2012.

*Suher Zada (BIOL). Beijing, China. March 2012.



BUS (School of Business)

*Khaled Samaha (ACCT), “The Determinants and Use of Future Oriented Disclosures: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt and the United Kingdom.” Cairo. December 2011-November 2012.

DDC (Desert Development Center)

*Richard Tutwiler (DDC), “Initial Assessment of the Carbon Footprint of the American University in Cairo,” Cairo, December 2011-May 2012.

HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*John Baboukis (PVA). “Performance of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du soldat.” Cairo, Egypt. February-March 2012.

*Salima Ikram (SAPE). “North Kharga Oasis Survey. Fieldwork.” Kharga Oasis, Egypt. December 2011-January 2012.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Arthur Bos (BIOL). “Phylogenetic Analysis of Red Sea Fishes and Echinoderms.” Red Sea, Egypt. January-August 2012.

*Ali Darwish (EENG). “Thermal Analysis and Stability Analysis of MMIC.” Cairo and Washington, DC, USA. December 2011-August 2012. 

*Mayyada El-Sayed (CHEM). “Preliminary Characterization of Isoflavones in Soy Nutritional Supplements.” February-April 2012.




HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Salima Ikram (SAPE). “Visiting Archaeological Sites in the Sudan (Nubian Sites).” Sudan. January 2012.


Listed below are all successful grant applications for the April 26 cycle. By popular request, the results of student grant applications are also included at the bottom of this post.

Please note that acceptance does not necessarily mean that the award is for the full amount requested; in some cases, adjustments to the requested budget have been made.

Any questions about the results, or any corrections of typographical or other errors, should be sent to Associate Provost Graham Harman at




BUS (School of Business)

*Monal Abdel Baki (ECON). Lausanne, Switzerland. July 2011.

*Ibrahim Hegazy (MGMT). Istanbul, Turkey. June 2011.

*Mona Said (ECON). Barcelona, Spain. June 2011.

*Glenn Williams (MGMT). Rome, Italy. June 2011.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Hamid Ali (PPAD). Bristol, UK. June 2011.

*Warigia Bowman (PPAD). Washington, DC, USA. May 2011.

*Kevin Keenan (JRMC). St. Louis, MO, USA. August 2011.

*Tanya Monforte (LAW). Tallinn, Estonia. May 2011. 


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Hala Yehia Abd El-Wahab (ALI). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Holger Albrecht (POLS). Berlin, Germany. October 2011.

*Laila Al-Sawi (ALI). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Saeed Alwakil (ALI). Errachidia, Morocco. May 2011.

*Mona Amer (SAPE). Washington, DC, USA. August 2011.

*Richard Fincham (PHIL). Wuppertal, Germany. May 2011.

*Camilo Gomez-Rivas (ARIC/HIST). Cambridge, UK. September 2011.

*Azza Hassanein (ALI). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Hanan Kamal Hassanein (ALI). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*William Melaney (ECLT). Köln, Germany. May 2011.

*Michael Reimer (HIST). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Helen Rizzo (SAPE). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Hanan Sabea (SAPE). Montreal, Canada. November 2011.

*Yasmine Aly Salah El-Din (ALI). Istanbul, Turkey. June 2011.

*John Schaefer (SAPE). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Sherene Seikaly (HIST). Washington, DC, USA. November 2011.

*Nadine Sika (POLS). Exeter, UK. June 2011.

*Joseph Simons-Rudolph (SAPE). Washington, DC, USA. August 2011.



SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mohamed Abdel Mooty (CANG). Chianciano Terme, Italy. September 2011.

*Salah Arafa (PHYS). Ishia, Italy. June 2011.

*Necla Demir (CHEM). New Orleans, LA, USA. June 2011.

*Ali Hadi (MACT). Tomar, Portugal. July 2011.

*Khaled Nassar (CANG) Miami, FL, USA. June 2011.

*Ahmed Rafea (CSCE). Beijing, China. June 2011.



BUS (School of Business)

*Angie Abdel Zaher (ACCT). “CEO Characteristics Impacting Firm Outcomes and Resolutions.” Cairo, Egypt. May-October 2011.

*Maha Mourad (MGMT). “A Comparative Study of the Decision Making Process of American Students Studying in American Universities in the Middle East and the UK.” Cairo, Egypt/Doha, Qatar/Nottingham, UK. June 2011-April 2012.

*Hamed Shamma (MGMT). “Examining the Impact of the January 25th Revolution on Reputation.” Cairo, Egypt/Washington, DC, USA. June 2011-February 2012.



HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Ira Dworkin (ECLT). “Congo Love Song: African Americans and the Congo.” Durham, NC, USA. January 2012.

*Nathan Fischer (PVA). “Interpretation and Stylistic Features of the Music of South America.” Caracas, Venezuela. August 2011.

*Shady Noshokaty (PVA). “Ahmed Bassiony Exhibit at the Egypt Pavilion of the Venice Biennale.” Venice, Italy. May-June 2011.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mohamed Abou Zeid (CANG). “Effect of Moisture and Chemicals on Performance of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams.” Jacksonville, FL. July-August 2011.

*Karim Addas (PHYS). “Microrheology of Complex Biopolymer Networks.” Göttingen, Germany. June-July, 2011.

 *Safwan Khedr (CANG). “Investigation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Using Egyptian Constituents.” June 2011-June 2012.



HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Jehan Allam (ALI). “2011 NMELRC Program Building and Maintenance Workshop, Western Consortium Evaluation Workshop.” Austin, TX, USA. July 2011.

*Ebony Coletu (RHT). “The Institute for World Literature.” Beijing, China. June-July, 2011.

*Ghada El Shimi (RHT). “Printing Books for Writing Children’s Literature Course.” Cairo, Egypt. April-May 2011.

*Amy Holmes (SAPE). “China Field Seminar–Sponsored by the East-West Center.” Beijing/Shanghai, China. June-July 2011.




GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Hamid Ali (PPAD). “16th International Conference on Economics and Security.” Cairo, Egypt. June 2012.

*Ghada Barsoum (PPAD). “First AUC-Erasmus Research Seminar for Doctoral Candidates in Egypt and the Region.” Cairo, Egypt. June 2012.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Necla Demir (CHEM). “International Workshop on Food Safety and Sanitation.” Cairo, Egypt. October-November 2011.







BUS (School of Business)

*Matthew Martinec (ECON). Prato, Italy. November 2011.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Carol Gray (LAW). Göttingen, Germany. September 2011.

*Reham Hussein (CMRS). Kampala, Uganda. July 2011.

*Yasmine Nasri (PPAD). Geneva, Switzerland. July 2011.

*Thomas Plofchan (MEST). Chicago, IL, USA. May 2011.

*Lara Worcester (IGWS). Montreal, Canada. November 2011.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Minass Assaad (CANG). Manchester, UK. September 2011.

*Mohamed Atassi (CSCE). Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. December 2011.

*Nazly El Shazly. (CSCE). Las Vegas, NV, USA. July 2011.

*Ibrahim Farag (BIOT). Corfu, Greece. May-June 2011.

*May Hassan (BIOT). New York, NY, USA. July-August 2011.

*Yasmine Mohamed (BIOT). New Orleans, LA, USA. May 2011.

*Ghada Mustafa (BIOT). Roscoff, Bretagne, France. October 2011.

*Mona Said (BIOT). Northampton, MA, USA. July 2011.

*Walaa Wahbi (CHEM). New Orleans, LA, USA.






GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Steven Murray (LAW). “The Status of Due Process in the Sudan: The Delirium of Reform.” Khartoum, Sudan. August 2011.

*Amoding Oluka (LAW). “Child Rights in Brazil: A Theory or a Reality?” July-August 2011.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*John D. Martin III (ARIC). “Theurgy in the Medieval Islamic World: Conceptions of Cosmology in al-Buni’s Doctrine of the Divine Names.” Istanbul, Turkey. June 2011.           

*Johan Roko (POLS). “Qualitative Interviews for a Graduate Thesis ‘Contentious Politics in the Maghreb: Mobilization in an Authoritarian Setting.” Tunisia/Morocco. June 2011.

*Paul Vieira (SAPE). “Governmentality and Palestine Activism.” Palestine. June-September 2011.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Getachew Bonsa (MENG). “An Empirical Assessment on the Impact of Corporate Culture in the Successful Implementation of Business Process Re-engineering in Public Sectors: The Case of Ethiopia.” Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. March-August 2011.

*Essam El Sisi (CHEM). “Quantitative Real-Time PCR for Total Bacterial Count in Concentrates of Soft Drinks: A New Method Development.” Cairo, Egypt. April-December 2011.

*Dina Nemr (CHEM). “Natural Compounds for Lipid Reduction and Glucose Control.” Ottowa, Canada. July-October 2011.

*Eman Rabie (BIOT). “Nanoparticles as a Delivery System for Targeting Schistosomiasis.” Cairo, Egypt. February-December 2011.

*Mohamed Sallam (NANO). “Nanoparticles Conjugates for Diagnosis and Photo-Thermal Treatment of Parasitic Diseases: Schistosomiasis and Fascioliasis.” Cairo, Egypt/Brussels, Belgium. April 2011-June 2012.


Beginning with the September 2010 application cycle for AUC internal faculty grants, we are posting the names of all faculty grant recipients here on the Faculty Bulletin (and, in the case of all grants other than Conference Grants, the topic of the project). There are two reasons for doing so:

1. To accelerate the notification process.  Please note that recipients still need to wait several days for the official letter from my Office to know the amount received. Acceptance does not entail that the full amount requested was in fact awarded. (For now, we have decided not to list the exact dollar amount of the grants in the Bulletin.)

2. To enhance mutual awareness of AUC faculty research. It is enjoyable to read through the list and learn about the many interesting research projects in which your colleagues are involved.

Some of the Conference Grants are pending a letter of acceptance for the presentations. For this reason, only the conference locations are listed so as not to “jump the gun” with conference titles before some of the presentations are officially accepted.

If you are not on the list below and think there is an error, you may contact the Associate Provost for Research Administration ( for an explanation.

Names of recipients are listed alphabetically by family name.

Please note: this is the last cycle of AUC faculty support grants to be awarded under the old system. Beginning with the November application cycle, new application forms are required and the new rules apply. Please see the following website for details:

(FOLLOW-UP: if your name is spelled incorrectly on this list, or if you see any other error in the information, please contact me immediately at; it is very easy to make changes on the Bulletin and you won't be troubling me at all. We want to get everything right.)



BUS (School of Business)

*Nahed Amin Azab (Management). Orlando, Florida. March 2011.

*Hala El Ramly (Economics). Denver, Colorado. January 2011.

*Steven Formaneck (Management). Bahrain. January 2011.

*Dilip Ghosh (Management). New York. October 2010.

*Maha Mourad (Management). Beirut. December 2010.

*Maha Mourad (Management). Zürich. February 2011.

*Eskandar Tooma (Management). Cape Town. November 2010.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Holger Albrecht (Political Science). Pisa, Italy. April 2011.

*Nadya Chishty-Mujahid (ECLT). Oxford, UK. January 2011.

*Lori Fredricks (ELI). Jaen, Spain. December 2010.

*Camilo Gomez-Rivas (ARIC). Boston. January 2011.

*Abeer Salah Heider (ALI). Seattle. March 2011.

*Hani Henry (SAPE). Charleston, SC. February 2011.

*Amy Holmes (SAPE). San Diego, CA. November 2011.

*Vassiliki Kotini (ECLT). New Brunswick, NJ. April 2011.

*Amy Motlagh (ECLT). Los Angeles. January 2011.

*Ann Shafer (PVA). Atlanta. November 2010.

*Nadine Sika (Political Science). Florence, Italy. April 2011.

*Mohammed Tabishat (SAPE). New Orleans. November 2010.

*Daniel Vilmure (RHET/COMP). Istanbul. November 2010.

GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Mervat Abou Oaf (JRMC). Kuwait. October 2010.

*Hamid Ali (PPA). Berlin. January 2011.

*Alejandro Escorihuela (Law). Madrid. December 2010.

*Sherine Fahmy (JRMC). Kuwait. October 2010.

*Kim Fox (JRMC). Kuwait. October 2010.

*Outi Korhonen (Law). Madrid. December 2010.

*Tanya Monforte (Law). Madrid. December 2010.


LLT (School of Libraries and Learning Technologies)

*Amanda Click (Library). Dubai. October 2010.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Maki Habib (MENG). Beppu, Oita, Japan. January 2011.

*Ali Hadi (MACT). Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 2010.

*Ahmed Moustafa (Biology). Hersonissios, Crete, Greece. November 2010.

*Khaled Nassar (CANG). Baltimore, MD. December 2010.

*Hanadi Salem (MENG). San Diego, CA. February-March, 2011.

*Alexander Schuster (MACT). Helsinki, Finland. October 2010.



BUS (School of Business)

*Mohamed Hegazy (Accounting). “Fraudulent Financial Reporting: Do Red Flags Really Help?” Cairo. July 2010-December 2010.

*Khaled Samaha (Accounting). “The Extent of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Information Disclosure and its Determinants by the Largest Companies Listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EXG).” Cairo. September 2010-September 2011.

*Ahmed Tolba (Management). “The Effect of Opinion Leadership on Innovation Diffusion and Use.” Cairo. October 2010-July 2011.


GAPP (School of Global Affairs and Public Policy)

*Hamid Ali (PPA). “Public Policy Debate: Inflationary and Reserve Requirement in Economy with Informal Sector.” Cairo. January 2011.

*AKM Ahsan Ullah (CMRS). “Tapping the Potential for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CRS) to Address the Needs of Refugees in Egypt.” Cairo. October 2010-April 2011.

*Justin Martin (JRMC). "Half the Tunisian Sky: Two-Part Journalism Project on Women's Rights in Tunisia." Tunis. November 2010.


HUSS (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

*Salima Ikram (SAPE). “North Kharga Oasis Survey, Field Work.” Kharga Oasis, Egypt. December 2010-January 2011.

*Mate Tokić (History). “For the Homeland, Ready! Diaspora Politics and Transnational Political Violence During the Cold War.” Ottawa, ON, Canada. January 2011.


SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Sherif Abdel Azeem (EENG). Cairo. “On-line Handwritten Digits Recognition.” September 2010-August 2011.

*Mohab Anis (EENG). “Design for Yield of Sensitive Integrated Circuits in the Nanometer Regime.” Cairo and Waterloo, ON, Canada. January-March, 2011.

*Samer Ezeldin (CANG). “Automation of Project Controls, Procedures, and Protocols for ISO Certification- Phase 1.” Cairo and New Brunswick, NJ. Fall 2010-Fall-2011.  

*Hanadi Salem (MENG). “Fabrication of Ultrahigh Strength/Tough Monolithic and Composite Nanostructured Bulk Products Using Powder Metallurgy/Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS).” Cairo. January 2011-April 2012.

*Kathleen Sheppard (Core). “Margaret Murray and the Tomb of the Two Brothers.” London. January 2011.

*Maher Younan (MENG). “Shakedown Limit Load Determination of Defected Pressure Vessel, and Piping Components Using a Simplified Technique.” Cairo. November 2010-May 2011.



SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mustafa Arafa (MENG). Cairo. “Development of Teaching Aids for Mechanical Vibration.” December 2010-December 2011.



SSE (School of Sciences and Engineering)

*Mohab Anis (EENG).  “International Conference on Microelectronics.” Sofitel el-Gezira, Cairo. December 19-22, 2010.