Where can I find the students list and their emails?

From the Control Panel menu, click Users and Groups, then click Users.  
Locate the search field and from the pull down menu, make sure to select Username and Not blank.  
You now have the entire student list with their details: User Name, First Name, Last Name and Email

How can I add a TA to my course?


From Control Panel menu click Users and Groups, then  click Users.


From Users page click Find Users to Enroll.


In the Username textbox: add your TA’s AUC email username.

If username doesn’t exist, kindly send an email to blackboard@aucegypt.edu

Under Role:  Click pull down menu and select Teaching  Assistant.

Select Yes for the Enrollment Availability option


Click the Submit button

How can I download Blackboard Mobile for Android devices?

Open Setting folder at your mobile, then click Play Store icon.
Search for Blackboard Mobile Learn, then click Install.
Select I accept these conditions, then tap on Continue.
Search for American
University in Cairo
in the textbox.Now you have installed Blackboard for your Android mobile.
Tap on the Blackboard icon from your App list.
Use your AUC email credentials for user name and password to login.

How can I upload my profile picture and share it with other users?

When you login to Blackboard, click at the picture icon beside your name at the top right of your Blackboard page.  
A drop-down menu will be displayed. Click at the pic icon to Edit your Profile page.  
From The Privacy Option section,
choose My Institution if you wish to share your profile with other Blackboard users (recommended), Private to share it with users only enrolled in the course, and Hidden, if you don’t wish to share your profile.
Click Change Picture to upload your picture from your local drive.Adjust the picture dimensions, then click Change PictureClick on Preview profile card, to view the changes before being applied  
Click Submit. Your profile picture will be successfully uploaded.  

How to send comment to user through Grade Center column?

  •  From Control Panel, Grade Center, click Full Grade Center.





  • Point to the column, go to the first grade (cell) then click its action link.
  • From the pull down menu click Quick Comment.




  • Type your comment at Feed Back to User field.
  • You can add any information for yourself at Grading Notes field.
  • Click Submit.

How do I create an Announcement on Blackboard?

1. From the Course Menu, click on announcements.

2. Click on the Create Announcement button.

3. Enter a Subject and Message.

4. Under the Options section, choose whether you want the announcement to be displayed permanently or restrict it by dates. Permanent status means that the announcement will always be visible to students.

Note: If you would like to send a broadcast email to all users in the course, select Override User Notification Settings.

How do I access the Assignments submitted by the Students to grade them?

Submitted Assignments can be accessed through the Grade Center.

Click on Grade Center -> ‘Needs Grading’ : A list of all submitted assignment will be display.

Another option is by clicking on Full Grade Center, which will display a full report of all the student’s grades, any cell with a green box containing an exclamation mark indicates that a student has submitted an assignment. Clicking on the double arrow icon next to it will direct you to a new window where you can access the submitted assignment.

Can Students submit an Assignment through Blackboard multiple times?

The Assignment Tool in Blackboard 9.1 now provides Instructors with the option to Allow Multiple or Unlimited Submission Attempts. This is a great addition particularly when an Instructor wishes to grade individual portions of an assignment separately but average the items together to create the final grade.

To create an Assignment that allows for multiple submissions, select the Number of Attempts option desired under Option 4 Availability in the Assignment Tool setup.

What is the Blackboard Grade Center?

The Grade Center is more than just a way to record students’ grades. It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing faculty to record data , calculate grades, and monitor student progress. In the Grade Center, faculty can provide and manage students’ grades for a variety of assessments, including assignments, tests, discussion board posts, journals, blogs, and wikis. Faculty can also create grade columns for any activities or requirements that require grading but do not require submission through Blackboard, such as special projects, participation, or attendance.

1- Action Bar

  • Create Column—Creates a column that represents a gradable item in the course.
  • Create Calculated Column—Calculated columns combine data from multiple columns to attain performance results; choose from Average, Minimum/Maximum, Total, or Weighted.
  • Manage— Customize and manage the Grade Center. Choose from Grading Periods, Grading Schemas, Categories, Smart Views, Column Organization, and Row Visibility
  • Reports—Create a customized, printable report, or view grade history.

2- Course Roster: Syncs with Banner to provide an up-to-date and accurate list of all students registered for a course.

3- Column Menu: Provides access to a column’s settings, including Quick Column Information, Edit Column Information, Column Statistics, Set as External Grade, Show/Hide to Users, Hide Column.

4- Icon Legend: As activity gets added and recorded into the Grade Center, refer to the Icon Legend for assistance.

5- Work Offline: Download the Grade Center into an Excel spreadsheet for working offline. The spreadsheet can be uploaded back to the Grade Center after grades have been recorded.

Icon Legend Reference

User Unavailable – student is no longer enrolled in class, and cannot see course content
Column Not Visible to Users – column has been hidden from all students
Completed – completion grade confirmation
Needs Grading – a test or assignment that needs instructor action to finalize grading
Override – when an instructor overrides a grade that Blackboard calculated
Attempt in Progress – the student is currently completing the assignment or exam
External Grade – designates which column is being used to feed into the Report Card module
Grade Exempted for this User – instructor exempts a grade for student
Error – error with the assignment, test, or discussion settings (possibly corrupt)
Not Participating – student is not participating in the Discussion or Group assignment

How to manually enter an Override grade into the Grade Center?

If you wish to manually add an override grade, follow these instructions.

1. From your course Control Panel expand the Grade Centre menu and choose Full Grade Centre.

2. Find the column and corresponding row into which you wish to enter a grade and click on it.

3. The cell will open. Type in the grade and press ENTER. Note that information about the column appears in the grey box below.  This will usually be an override grade.

4. Note that if you do not press the ENTER key after typing in the grade a dialog box will appear asking if you wish to save the entry, selecting OK will save the grade.

Using Grade History

The Blackboard Grade Centre keeps a record of the history of a grade.

1. First we will look at how to identify the history of an individual grade.

2. Place you mouse pointer over the grade so that the double arrow icon appears.

3. Click on the double arrow icon and choose View Grade Details.

4. Click on the Grade History tab to view the historical record of marks.

5. To view the complete history click on View Complete History.

6. You may view the Grade History for the whole courseby accessing the Grade Centre and hovering over Reports and choosing View Grade History.

You will be presented with the history of grades within the Grade Centre. You may download the Grade History by clicking on the Download button.

How to add a new calculated column to the Grade Center

Calculated grades can combine multiple existing columns and show scores based on a weighted score, averages, totals, and minimum / maximum. These columns can be shown to students or hidden so that they are only available from within your course’s Grade Centre.

1. Expand the Grade Centre part of the Control Panel and choose Full Grade Centre.

2. Using your mouse, hover over the Create Calculated Column button, select the calculated grade you wish to add:

Average Column
An average grade shows the average of any number of quantities, be they from columns, categories, or grading periods.

Minimum / Maximum Column
A Minimum / Maximum column will display either the minimum or maximum score from a selection of columns, categories, or grading periods.

Total Column
A total grade will show the sum of any other selected columns and or categories, or grade columns in a certain grading period.

Weighted Column
A Weighted grade is a calculated column that displays the result of quantities and their respective percentages. For example several other columns or categories could be calculated to be certain percentages of another score, denoted in this column.

Using Grade Center Color Codes

You may set the Grade Centre to automatically apply colour codes to cells based on criteria that you set.  This is similar to conditional formatting in Excel.  This feature can be useful to quickly identify good or poor scores in a large cohort.

1. From your course Control Panel open the Grade Centre.

2. Hover your mouse pointer over the Manage button and choose Grading Colour Codes.

3. Tick the box to Enable Grading Colour Codes.

4. If you wish you may set a colour to quickly show attempts that are in progress, need marking, or are exempt.  There are already icons for these so this is less useful.

5. Next you may set criteria for the colour used within cells that meet the criteria. To add a criteria click on Add Criteria. This screenshot shows an example of how the criteria may be set up.

6. Click on Submit to finish.

Using Grade Center Categories

Categories allow you to classify Grade Centre columns. These can be helpful to organise a large number of columns. It is possible to use categorised columns when setting up calculated columns, creating reports, and using Smart Views.

To set up categories follow these instructions.

1. Expand the Grade Centre section of your course Control Panel and click on Full Grade Centre.

2. Hover your mouse pointer over Manage, a menu will appear, choose Categories.

3. You will be presented with a list of existing categories which you may Edit or Delete by clicking on the corresponding modify button.

4. If you wish to add a new category click on Create Category.

5. When adding a new category you will be asked for a Name and Description for the category.

6. If you wish to categorise Grade Centre columns, simply click on the arrow icon next to the name of the column and select Edit Column Information.

7. The category can be changed using the drop down menuin the first section as shown.  When creating new columns the category may be chosen in the same way when initially creating them.

How to add a new column to the Grade Center?

While the Grade Centre will automatically contain columns for Tests, Surveys, and Assignments, you may also wish to add a column yourself to record scores for assessments taken outside of Blackboard.

1. Expand the Grade Centre section of the Control Panel and choose Full Grade Centre.

2. Click on Create Column.

3. Enter a Name for the Column. This is a formal name for the column and is displayed in the Grade Centre if no Display Name (see below) is entered. This text box is limited to 15 characters.

4. If you wish you may enter a Display Name. This appears as a column header in the Grade Centre and is also limited to 15 characters. The display name only appears in the Grade Centre.

5. If you wish you may enter a description. This may help colleagues understand what the column is about.

6. If you wish you may select a category for this column. Categories can be used to create a smart view of the Grade Centre. You may also create your own categories (see the guide under What’s Related).

7. Enter the number of points possible – this is the maximum number of points that can be recorded against each student in this new column.

8. Set the following options according to your preferences:

Include this column in Grade Centre calculations
Setting this option controls whether the scores in the column should be included in the total, or in any calculated columns you have set up.

Show this column in My Grades
Setting this option sets whether the score for this column should be shown to students when they click on My Grades.