How do I use permissions within Blackboard Collaborate?

As a Moderator, you are automatically given all permissions. The global permissions given to Participants are established when the session is initially created and configured. If permissions are turned on during session configuration, Participants can use all the Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing features except Application Sharing, Web Tour and Closed Captioning. If permissions are turned off during session configuration, Participants will only be able to use the buttons in the toolbar (emoticons, raise hand, etc.), view profiles and send Moderators private Chat messages.

You can grant additional permissions to all Participants at once using the Global options menu or to individual Participants using their Participant Options menus.┬áThere also may be times you want to revoke the permissions of Participants, such as when you want to focus everyone’s full attention on what you are presenting or when Participants are abusing their privileges.

To grant or revoke permissions to or from all Participants, select or deselect the desired permission in the Global Options menu. These changes will not affect Moderators.

To grant or revoke permissions to or from individual Participants or Moderators, select or deselect the desired permissions in the individual’s Participant Options menu. A selected permission has a faint box around its icon.

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